Two for Andi!

Hi all!  It’s been a week of vacation for me (that has gone by far too quickly!).

At the beginning of vacation, I finished two sweaters and decided to gift these to my lovely niece Andi Jo!  She admired one that I previously posted, so I hope she likes these.  I was originally going to make her the gray one, but I think she will like the blue one too. Plus I think once she wears them, she will be very happy that she has two of them!

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Hi there!  I have a new hoodie tunic posted over on my LDKnitwear blog (along with a link to the free pattern (if you are a machine knitter).

For those of you who celebrate it — Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you all get a long weekend to celebrate!

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A Little Covid Prevention and Survival

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been up to some other activities lately due to  the Covid-19 outbreak.   I have been exploring different patterns for masks now that they are mandatory to wear in public.

I have no intention of going out in public for some time, but eventually it will become necessary, so I am getting prepared for it by testing out a few different patterns to see which are the most comfortable to wear and fit the best.

I have also had some success with my “from scratch” yeast, so I wanted to include that in this post as well.

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Sunshower Hoodie

Hi All!   I have a new hoodie posted.  Read all about it over on my LDKnitwear blog if interested.

I have been very busy this week with a lot of things.  Covid-19 precautions are surely a time bandit!  It is causing a lot of work that I didn’t have before.   When I get a little bit of time this week I will have to blog these things, but for now, I am out of time.  Off to do more chores!

Hope you are all well, happy, and not going too stir-crazy!

Crash! Bang# Boom$ – and a new Owl Hoodie

Howdy!   Hope everyone is staying well and managing to stay healthy!

I have been busy again this week with a variety of things, and I even made some lotion refills this weekend!  We are well here, and trying hard to stay entertained.  So far, so good!

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