A Goat Milk Soap Called “Jane”

I think my husband was a monk in a previous life.  He likes everything plain and simple.   The same holds true for his soap.   He likes plain, un-fancy, un-scented soap.   He will accept goat milk, even though it might be a little bit sinfully decadent.

Last week I made him a batch of plain-jane goat milk soap and this week it was finally ready to unmold and cut.

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Oh, the things I made!

Wow, I am exhausted.  It’s been another busy weekend, but I have a lot to show for it.  I didn’t think so yesterday as I only got 2 things made, but then today, I came back strong and made a few more things, so now I feel like my weekend was well-spent.

I was actually very pleased with everything I made this weekend, and didn’t have to do any re-makes as the all turned out perfectly on the first try and I was able to get some decent photos. Continue reading “Oh, the things I made!”

Herbal Supplement Capsules

I have really been getting into my herbs lately, but there are a few herbs that I want to take on a regular basis and I don’t really prefer the flavor of them;  Ashwagandha and Holy Basil to be exact.

Ashwagandha and Holy Basil are both adaptogen herbs.  Adaptogens are herbs that are thought to help the body find a balance, particularly with adrenal stress and hormonal balance.   They are thought to allow your body to decide where it needs the balance and help your body to bring things into balance and maintain this balance. Continue reading “Herbal Supplement Capsules”

Cutting of “Birthday Party” Soap

 Of the two soaps I made this weekend, one of them was ready to cut today.  The other is a goat milk soap, so it will take longer to be ready for unmolding.   This one, however, slid right out of the mold with no issues today.

I posted yesterday about this soap and at the time, I wanted to call it “birthday cake”, but when I cut it, and as I was taking photos, it seemed more like a party, so I decided instead to call it “birthday party”. Continue reading “Cutting of “Birthday Party” Soap”

Busy Weekend = Fun Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone already, but not without something to show for it!

I spent the weekend making a couple of soaps and bath / body products.  In all I got 9 things completed. Continue reading “Busy Weekend = Fun Weekend”

Which shots have the most impact? Will you help me decide?

I took some photos today of my soaps.  Now that this batch is cured, I got the opportunity to clean them up and get better pictures of them.

I have distinctly different styles of photography going on with these.  My original pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago were more staged and dreamy, whereas my newer pictures are more minimalist and clear.   I think they both have a place, but I am not sure which I prefer.  I like them both.  Still I have to make a decision on my “style”, so I need some help determining which ones are better.   Do you have an opinion you would be willing to share? Continue reading “Which shots have the most impact? Will you help me decide?”

Product Development

I had a busy weekend working on developing some new bath products.  It was a mixed bag. Some turned out great the first time, while others needed a few tries to get them right.  Others are still under revision and will require a trip back to the drawing board.


I managed to stain one mold, break another, and take a zillion cruddy pictures as I am working out my workspace lighting. Continue reading “Product Development”