Chores, Chores and More Chores

Wow!  Did my weekend ever go by quickly.  It always seems to, but this weekend, unfortunately, it was largely eaten up by chores.   I didn’t have much time for anything but that.  Luckily, I thought ahead last week and bought myself a little toy to play with over the weekend.  It made quick work of a couple of jewelry projects.

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Birth and Re-Birth

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I would be re-making some of my malas.  Some of the tassels I used on the my earlier ones turned out to be less than sturdy.  I wanted to remake them with better tassels, and perhaps with knotted cord rather than jewelry wire.

Well, I have been doing just that, but I have found a couple of them have been reincarnated into a new form, rather than reliving their old life.  Seems they have evolved.

I have also made a couple new ones, developed a new technique that I am liking much better, and I even got a new friend for my dojo.

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ReVisits, Remakes & Recents

I had a very busy week at work this week, but thankfully, it didn’t press into my evenings or weekend too much, so I was able to get a couple of things done that I have been itching to.

On weeknights I have been finding it relaxing to string beads.  I don’t often have much leisure time on these nights, but just an hour or two seems enough to wind me down. Since my nieces loved their malas so much, I decided to make them another for Christmas, in their favorite colors.

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I’ve Lost my MoJo!

This last weekend I made another lard soap.  I am getting the hang of the recipe formulation, I think, but am finding that it does take MUCH longer to be able to unmold the soap than my normal palm-free, butter-based recipes do.  Still, I can’t wait for the cure to complete so I can try out these new soaps and see if I prefer them over the butter-based ones.

Apparently, I have lost my swirl mojo.   The last few batches I have made haven’t produced the lovely, fluid, gorgeous swirls that some of my previous soaps have achieved.   I find this lard batter a little thicker and faster to “gunk up” than my other recipe, so this might be part of issue I am having.  I guess I have a little more tweaking to do with my recipe to get it “just right” yet. Continue reading “I’ve Lost my MoJo!”

New Experimental Malas

When I went up north last weekend to visit my family, one of the malas I had made with a store-bought tassel had an issue — the tassel came apart after only 2 hours.   Now, my niece was fidgeting with it quite a bit, but I also do that and mine haven’t come apart yet. However hers did.   So I guess just because they were store-bought tassels, doesn’t make them superior tassels.    Therefore, I decided to just try to make my own tassels and see what happens.

So these two malas are for me, for testing purposes.   I am not a master tassel maker (yet), so they are not great, but I am testing durability, not necessarily beauty. Continue reading “New Experimental Malas”

Christmas Soaps

Vacation is over after today, sadly, but I did get a lot of rest and relaxation in — in the form of soap-making (which for me is R&R).

I had mixed success because I was trying new recipes, incorporating lard.  I didn’t have any “total” failures, but I did have a batch stick to the mold, and a couple others that thickened quickly, so the swirls weren’t as nice as I would have hoped.   Still, I think the soaps turned out “interesting” enough, and will likely be very good, solid bars.  They are going to be Christmas gifts for my family and friends.

Besides the soap, I also got a couple refill batches of lotion made (my Biotone Massage Lotion clone and my nighttime lavender & benzoin lotion).   And, I also made herb infused oils, Melissa lip balm and Lemongrass Pain Relief Balm.    So even though I started out without any plans, I managed to fill my days productively.

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Final Two Vacation Soaps

After all that shopping yesterday, I am wiped out!  Luckily it isn’t very hard (nor does it take too much energy) to make soap!

Today, for my final two vacation soaps, I gave the lard another try.    I made two batches with the same recipe (just slight modifications to it for each). Continue reading “Final Two Vacation Soaps”