Launch of Aquarian Soap

Welcome to my new site –Aquarian Soap!

I was previously on WordPress as “Homespun Hobbyist”, but decided to separate my soap from that site.    I will still maintain Homespun Hobbyist but that site will be about general crafting and cooking.  This site will be used for my soap and body products exclusively.

I was amassing quite a collection of soap recipes, so I took the plunge into a new pursuit — e-book writing.    I am releasing my first e-book  within the next month and I am so excited!    As soon as  I publish it, I will be putting the link to my Amazon Kindle author’s page on my blog so you can check it out.

On this site I will publish news concerning my books, but also will occasionally post some free recipes for soaps and bath & body products.

My first book is geared toward beginning soap makers.  It contains overviews of equipment and supplies, very detailed step-by-step instructions, pictures, and helpful tips.   Five beginner suitable recipes are included in the book as well as a helpful glossary and troubleshooting tips.

The recipes start out with a basic beginner soap, then progress to more advanced recipes which build skills gradually by incorporating butters, milk, essential oils, fragrances, colorants, and design.


I have a second and third book in the works as well.  The second book contains a collection of recipes for natural and nature identical soaps. The third book contains a collection of recipes for a variety of soaps such as swirled soaps, gentleman’s soap, milk soaps and frosted (piped) soaps.   I hope there will be many more books to follow (as my soap making habit doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon).

I hope you enjoy this blog and have fun making the free recipes posted here.  I hope you will check out my books, once published.

Feel free to comment on any of the content here, and to email me if you have any questions or just want to chat about soap.   I would love to hear from you!





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