The Owls Are Not What They Seem

My owl mold is one of my favorites.  It only holds only about 2 oz of batter, so it’s perfect when there is only a little bit of leftover batter. This typically happens when I am trying out a new recipe or adjusting batch sizes.

Sometimes I just resize a soap recipe to be a couple of ounces larger so I can purposely fill the owl mold.  I just like it — I think it’s so cute!

OwlsPictured are the owl soaps, made with leftover batter from other batches of soap.  Some of them are shrink-wrapped already.

I think this batch (left to right, clockwise from the back) is Crisp Anjou Pear, Soapy Clean, Lemon Basil, Rosemary Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit.

My son’s fiancé really liked the show “Twin Peaks”, so I am going to send her these in a little box labelled “The Owls are Not What They Seem”.  I know it’s not terribly original to name them that, but she will appreciate it.

I also have a few other cute small animal molds that I purchased from  I use these from time to time to make a batch of soaps for my nieces.  They make a cute gift stuffed in to a little wicker basket.




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