Book Launch – Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap

I am so excited today to announce that my e-book has been published to the Amazon Kindle Store.  It is called – Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap – Five Skill Building Recipes and Step-By-Step Instructions for Beginners.

If you have ever wanted to make your own beautiful cold process soaps but were not sure where to start, this book can help you.

The basics are explained in detail, such as how to work safely with sodium hydroxide (lye), which equipment and supplies are required, step-by-step instructions and pictures to illustrate these steps. Helpful tips and alternate options are included throughout.

The five included recipes produce small batches of soap so that you can grow your skills without making a large investment in supplies. Each recipe builds upon the skills learned in the previous one, gradually adding new techniques as you progress from making a basic soap to making a beautiful swirled and scented soap.

Making cold processed soap is not difficult. It is not as scary as it can seem when you see the warnings about working with lye. You can work with it safely. It is no more difficult than baking a cake!

You can find it in the Amazon Kindle Store at:  Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap.

The included recipes are mild and versatile. They are easily customized to make them natural or fancy (and everything in between).  Ounces, grams and percentages are given for each recipe so they can be resized to fit your molds. These recipes will make a great addition to your soap line-up.

If you are new soap maker, or even an experienced one, I invite you to check it out!   If you are enrolled in Kindle Select, you can read it for free.  If not, the price is reasonable at $2.99 (US).


I have a couple more books currently in the works and hope to have them published within the next couple of months.   I haven’t fully worked out the titles yet, but my next book will contain recipes for natural and nature identical soaps.  The following one will contain a variety of recipes for swirled, frosted, milk, and gentleman’s soaps.   When they are released I will post the news here.

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