Soap In Progress – Autumn Splendor – Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter Soap with AppleJack & Peel and Pure Honey Fragrance

Since fall is fast approaching, I wanted to honor the autumn season with a soap befitting of crisp, cool, days, falling leaves and apple cider.     The only thing that is missing is the hay ride!

I had some Pure Honey  and AppleJack & Peel fragrance oils and they smelled so great together that I decided to use them in this batch of soap.   AppleJack smells like sharp apple cider.  It’s apple-y and spicy.   The Pure Honey fragrance tones it down a little bit and gives it a little sweetness.  Together it smells more like apple pie or sweet cider.  It is a good match.

Red is a very difficult color to achieve in cold process soap.  I approached it with blending coral mica and a little bit of burgundy oxide.





img_1525I made a whipped cream looking frosting, and some autumn colored fall leaves (which I made out of LCP (Like Cold Process) melt and pour).









I gave it a swirl design that gives it a sense of motion like a brisk autumn breeze, and topped it all off with a drizzle of gold mica oil to give it a festive glimmer.



With generous amounts of sweet almond oil and shea butter, this is going to be a luxuriously moisturizing bar of soap.



I think it turned out cute.  It certainly looks and smells like autumn to me!  Now to wait 6 weeks for it to cure so I can use it.   In retrospect, I should have created this soap about 6 weeks earlier and I would be using it now.    Time to update my “to do” calendar so next summer I will remember to start thinking about fall in July.




The recipe and detailed instructions for making this soap and more will be in my upcoming book that will be published on in the next few months.  I hope to have it published by Christmas.  When it is published I will post a link on my blog.   You can also follow my Amazon Author page to see when it is published and to view my other books:





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