Meh! Some days you just can’t win with soap!

It all started out with an idea for an energetic looking soap color combination and design for Brambleberry’s “energy” fragrance.   I thought,  pink, yellow and green might make an interesting and contrasting color palette.  And surely, if that is poured into a feather swirl design, that would be great.  Well, it didn’t turn out in reality like it was in my mind.


My first issue was when the batter started rapidly accelerating.  I don’t know why it did that.  I have used this fragrance before and had no issues.   It might be the water discount I took or maybe I used too many hard oils in my recipe or soaped too hot (or all those reasons combined).

I worked quickly and did an in-the-pot swirl.


Things were going along fine, so I poured it into the mold to attempt the feather swirl design.  So far, so good.  Not crazy about the colors, but.. oh well.


Finally it was in the mold and ready to texture.  Attempt #1 was not spectacular.  So back to the drawing board.


Attempt #2 was also terrible (although in retrospect, I should have stopped there).


Attempt #3 and we’re starting to get mud.


Final attempt to make the mud look interesting before I decided that I was just making matters worse and had better stop.


In the end, the soap turned out OK, but the top is ugly.   It smells wonderful though and is great soap (if you can get past the top).  I might end up shaving off the top and piping some frosting over it.  I might just put it in my soap stash and use it myself.  I haven’t decided yet.

I did determine though that I was the main cause of failure in this soap. My color choices might have been OK had I not put too much colorant in them.  My batter might not have accelerated had I paid more attention to the temperature or the oils used in the recipe. My soap top might have been OK (but not spectacular) had I stopped at the first or second attempt.   Like I said — some days you just can’t win at soap!



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