Aquarian Soap News: Results from the Free Book Promotion and Announcement of Book #2 (Coming Soon)

If you saw my previous post from 23-Sep, you may recall that I ran a free book promotion on from Friday 23-Sep-16 to Tuesday 27-Sep-16 for my book “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap: Five Skill Building Recipes and Detailed Instructions for Beginners”.

I am happy to share that during that promotion period, 671 copies of the book were downloaded.     I am amazed and excited that there is such a large community of soap makers who downloaded this book.  If you were one of them, thank you!

I am working now on my next book which has the working title:  “Pure and Mild Soap: Fifteen Natural & Nature Identical Cold Process Soap Recipes & Instructions”.

I am just about 99% done editing it and should be able to get it posted in the Kindle store before the end of October.   When it is posted, I will post an update on this blog.



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