Announcing my new e-book “Pure and Mild Soap: Natural and Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps”

Today I am excited to announce the publishing of my second e-book, titled “Pure and Mold Soap: Natural and Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps“.

The book is enrolled in the KDP Select program, so if you are a member of KDP Select, you can read it for free.  Otherwise, it is $2.99 US.

Book Description:

Soap and shampoo are two products that many of us use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of the soaps and shampoos available in the stores today contain undesirable ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and have been shown to cause health concerns.
Making handmade soaps with natural ingredients can greatly reduce your exposure to the many chemicals and harmful additives that are present in these commercially available soaps and shampoos. When you make your own soaps, you choose the ingredients and have complete control over what you put into them.

Sometimes, however, natural is not always the best solution. Some ingredients in their natural form can be harmful. For example, micas can be mined naturally, but can contain bacteria, contaminants and pollutants. This is where nature identical ingredients can help. Nature identical colorants are lab synthesized and are identical at the molecular level to the ingredient they are replicating. While they are not considered 100% natural, they are often a better choice than their natural equivalent. The recipes in this book use both natural and nature identical colorants.

In this book you will find fifteen recipes and instructions for making cold processed soaps using a variety of oils and liquids including milks, herb infused oils, yogurt, beer, and essential oils. The soaps are formulated to be mild and moisturizing and are great for those with sensitive skin. Most of them can be used as body soap as well as shampoo bars.

The recipes are for small batches of soap. This allows you to try the soap recipe without making a large investment in materials. Ounces, grams and percentages are included so that if later you decide you like the recipe, you can then resize it with a lye calculator to make larger batches.

Put on a good movie or some relaxing music, grab your stick blender, and start making beautiful soaps that are safer alternatives for you and your family.



Last month I released my first e-book titled “Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap: Five Skill-Building Recipes and Step-By-Step Instructions for Beginners“.   If it seems like my books are rapidly releasing, it is because I have been working on three of them for the past year and am just now down to putting on the finishing touches and getting them published.

I have one more book in the works for now.  I hope to have it published by the end of October.   The third book will be focused on luxurious and beautiful swirled soaps, frosted / piped soaps, more milk soaps, and soaps for men.  It will contain twenty soap recipes and, of course, detailed instructions.

After these three books I will be taking a writing hiatus to focus creating more wonderful soap recipes.  Who knows, maybe there are three more books sometime in my future!



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