Color Migration with Natural Soap Colorants

Hello all, I have not posted much lately as I was busy putting the finishing touches on my 2nd soap e-book.  Now that is behind me and I can catch up on a few posts I have been meaning to get to.

I recently made a batch of Patchouli, Grapefruit & Peppermint soap with a combination of oxides, micas and natural activated charcoal.  My vision was to have a swirled pink white and black soap.   Well, I sort of accomplish that goal, but the activated charcoal migrated and ruined my swirl.    

It all started out OK and I got my colorants all mixed and ready to go.


Next I made the soap batter and mixed in the colorants.  Still going fine.


Then I got all of my colors poured into the mold and swirled.  Still OK.

Then when I tried to texture the soap top, everything fell apart.   All I did was spoon texture this and the black colorant decided to take over and create a gray sludge.


Ok, whatever, right?  So I covered the top with Snowflake Sparkle Mica and decided that this might not be my most beautiful soap on the outside, but maybe the inside would be great.


Not!  I cut the soap and the black had migrated everywhere.    So I decided that I am not going to use the activated charcoal anymore in anything that requires swirls.   It worked fine when I did a plain black anise soap, but there were no swirls. I think I will remake this recipe with another black colorant like Luster Black Mica.

I am not heartbroken over this anyhow.  Patchouli is an acquired taste and I guess I never acquired it. I wanted to try it since it seems to be a popular scent with people, and I thought that maybe it would be OK if I just used a tiny amount of it and let it mellow out as the soap cured.  I think just the peppermint and grapefruit would suit me just fine next time.


Now, what do do with an ugly soap batch that I don’t like the smell of very much?   Usually I just keep the ugly ones for personal use, but I usually like how they smell.   I am not sure what the fate is going to be for these little ugly ducklings.


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