Rustic Woods and Rum – A Gentleman’s Soap

I am not a fan of most men’s fragrance oils.    To me, they often smell like Axe or like Old Spice.   I just don’t care for them much.   But recently Brambleberry sent me a free sample of their new fragrance “Rustic Woods and Rum”.

In the bottle, it smelled OK.  Better than those fragrances I mentioned earlier.  But when I made this into soap -oh my!.    I actually like it and so does my husband (who is also hard to please with scents).  So off it went into the kitchen to make a batch of soap for men.

I make a lot of “girlie” soap for my sisters and nieces and female relatives and friends.   I don’t find many men’s fragrances that move me enough to inspire a batch of soap.   This one, however, reminded me of growing up in Northern Michigan in the autumn.  You can almost smell the wood smoke from people’s chimneys as you walk down a leaf strewn dirt trail. You can smell the leaves and the soil. It’s like taking a walk in the woods with your boyfriend on an Indian Summer day!   (I have a rich imagination).

But enough about the smell of this fragrance.

I decided on a simple color palette befitting of fall.   Green, off-white (uncolored) and amber.  I used Apple Moss Green Mica for the green and a combination of Soft Yellow Mica and a touch of Sunset Orange Mica for the amber color.  The fragrance is supposed to discolor to a light tan, so I expect the off-white to darken a bit.


I decided to do an in-the-mold swirl, but unfortunately, the batter started accelerating and sort of “plopped” into the mold versus pouring in.


So I gave it a quick hanger swirl and moved the batter around a little bit long-ways in the mold with a wooden dowel.  Then  I plopped the rest of the colors on top and did a little taiwan swirl.


I like how you can still see the sparkles from the mica in the soap batter.

I was surprised when I cut the soap.  I was expecting more of a swirl pattern, but since the batter was so thick when I poured it, I guess I am not surprised after-all.

I am glad I used the wooden dowel long ways in the mold because it dragged a little bit of color into lines on the front of the soap and I think this looks like a stand of trees.

I think it turned out nice despite everything.   I know my husband can’t wait for it to cure so he can use it.



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