Professional First Impressions Matter

I was struck by something today, and, as that doesn’t often happen anymore, I felt it was worth a blog entry because it is something that matters (to me, anyhow).

I have been ordering most of my soaping supplies for the past few years mainly from one company, Brambleberry.   I just love Brambleberry and all their products, but sometimes it does take a long time to receive my orders as they are all the way over in Washington state and I am way over here in Michigan.   It can take over a week to finally get my orders from them.

While most of the time the wait is not an issue, sometimes, when I am running low on supplies and want to make soap, it can be.

I was running low on citric acid recently and I have some friends who want to learn how to make bath bombs, so I needed to order some.      Since my friends are coming over this weekend, I didn’t have time to wait for an order from Brambleberry.    I began searching other soap supply companies in closer proximity and found that Nature’s Garden is right over in my neighbor state, Ohio.

While their citric acid does cost a couple more dollars than Brambleberry’s does, the shipping seemed to be cheaper (probably due to the close proximity).   So I decided to take a chance and order from them, even though I have never done so before.

While I was at it, a few 1 oz. sized fragrances found their way into my shopping cart as well.    I thought they would be a great size for giving my friends some choices for making their bath bombs.

Anyhow, 2 days later, and my order arrived.   That was quick!   And not only that, but it was boxed and taped very well,  had plenty of packing material in it to protect the contents, and the contents were well organized and packaged.IMG_1855.jpg

But the thing that struck me the most was that when I opened the package, there was a silk flower rose sitting there.  I noticed the label said it was fragranced and sent as a thank you gift for my order.     I couldn’t help but to think what a great impression the whole package made, being so professional — but the rose was the kicker.  What a nice way to greet me when opening my box of supplies!   Nicely done, Nature’s Garden! Your gesture was kind, professional and unexpected!


As doesn’t often happen, since I am so picky about fragrances, I did actually like all of them.   Usually one or two fragrances I order might have some kind of funky musk or patchouli or something, but all of these smelled great.  I can’t wait to use them.  Now I am rethinking if I want to use them for bath bombs or make a batch of soap with them.

I think Nature’s Garden has earned a new loyal customer (but Brambleberry is still up there as well since they send a free sample with every order too, and I love their products). Luckily, I buy a lot of soap making supplies, so now I have a choice when I need quick delivery or want to try different fragrances!  Hooray!


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