Clean-up Day!

I was clearly a busy bee during my vacation over the Labor Day weekend in September.  I made so much soap that week.   My curing rack has been full to the brim since then so I have had to slow down pursuing my hobby until some of the soaps were cured. Fast forward 6 weeks and hooray!  I can finally get all these soaps off my curing rack and make room for more!

Today I am spending time cleaning up the soaps, smoothing the edges, and giving them a rinse and polish.  Next step tomorrow is to create their soap boxes and get them put away for Christmas gifting.

Double Mint Goatmilk



I like to cut the soaps in half.  Since I only make small batches and they only produce 3 to 4 full-sized bars of soap, I find they go much farther for gifting if I cut them into half bars.

I also prefer using the half bars myself for a couple of reasons.

  1. Half bars last about a month to 2 months in the shower with daily use.    After that length of time, I am ready to grab another fragrance.   I have soap ADD!
  2. The other reason is because the big bars are just a little to big for my hands and I find the half bars are a perfect size for me.  My husband loves the full-sized bars because they fit his Sasquatch hands, but I have lady hands.


When  made the Mango Mango soap (the ones with the shavings and pink ball on top) I failed to leave enough room on the end to cut off the soap ends.  This resulted in some pretty huge bars of soap.  I also failed to put a ball on both sides, opting instead (for some reason) to put one ball in the middle.  So I can’t even cut them into half bars.  Oh well, they are lovely and somebody will love them.


Here they are — the good, the bad and the ugly — but mostly good.    I can’t wait to get started using them, and to get to work making more to fill my curing rack up again.

The recipes for some of these soaps are in my 2nd book – Pure and Mild Soap: Natural and Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps available on   The ones that are not in there, like the Mango soap, will be in my next book which is currently about 60% done, and I hope to get published before Christmas.

Tomorrow I will make the soap boxes for them.   I just use MS-Word, make a table with cells that are the size I want to make, print on cardstock, cut them out, and assemble them. I use my Fiskers paper-cutter with the straight blade to cut them out.  Sometimes I use the deckle blade across the top of the box.

They look like this in MS-Word. Where I drew the red lines, I cut there.  Where I drew the blue squiggle, this is where I put the double-sided tape.   The dashed lines from the table are where you fold the paper.


When all finished they look like this:



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