Baby Bee Chamomile Infused, Buttermilk and Shea Soap

I love this fragrance from Nature’s Garden.  I don’t know what the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee fragrance smells like, but the Nature’s Garden clone of it smells wonderful. It smells soft and lovely like a baby powder.

I gave this soap some extra gentle and soothing properties by using chamomile infused oil, shea butter and buttermilk, and paired it with soft, pastel purple, green, yellow and white.   

I have never used this fragrance before, so I used a recipe that I knew would be slow-moving, and I made a small batch.  It behaved very well with no acceleration at all.

I blended up some colorants:  Pale yellow, pale yellow/green and medium purple.  I also used Titanium Dioxide in the pot shown at the bottom.


I poured it all in the mold and gave it a surface treatment with a hair comb.  I think that worked well for this soap.


Then, I waited the requisite 24 hours (impatiently, I might add) before unmolding and cutting into bars.


I am thrilled with the result.  I think they look as soft and lovely as they smell!


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