Free Soap Box Template & Instructions

I’ve been so busy lately.  Between work and home, there is little time for making more soap.

My soap curing rack recently cleared off so it was time to make my soap packaging for all those completed soaps.  I picked away at this task for the past few days and got it done.

I used to make just soap bands but found that as the soap continues curing, it shrinks, and the bands become loose.  So I started making little card stock boxes.

Since I sometimes cut the soap bars in half and make half bars, my soaps are all different sizes.   Sometimes this makes it difficult to make custom sized packaging.   The little soap boxes help resolve this issue because the box can be a little bigger than the soap, and if the soap continues to shrink as it cures more, the boxes still work.

I thought I would share how to make the boxes.  The example below is for a full-bar soap box.    If you would like to make a half-bar box, you use the same process, but instead of setting the page orientation to “Landscape” you set the orientation to “Portrait” (and of course, the dimensions for the rows and columns will be smaller).

It looks like a lot of steps, but you only need to make the template once (if your soap is usually approximately the same size).   Once you print and cut out the boxes, it takes only a few minutes to create the box once you get into a rhythm.

box1First, you need to buy card stock, not just scrapbook paper.  The paper is not sturdy enough.   This limits your choices for design as there are not as many cute card stock choices, but you can still find some that will work.   I chose a card stock pack from Hobby Lobby that looks like watercolor swirls.   This paper allows printing over the top of the design and it is still legible.

You need to use MS Word or another program that allows you to set the table cell sizes.  My examples below are done with Word.

First measure the (a) width, (b) height, and (c) depth of the soap bar.  You will need to use these measurements to make the boxes.


Go into Word, create a new document,  and set the paper orientation to “landscape”.

Create a table with 5 columns and 2 rows.


Go into the table properties (right click on the table and choose “table properties”).

The first and last columns will be the width of the soap times 0.7.  (So if the soap is 1.25″ deep, you would use a value of 0.9″). (well, it’s .87 but I rounded up).

Select the first column (the entire column) and right click, go into table properties, and set the column width to 0.9″.    Do the same with the last column.


Select the 2nd column (this will be the front of the soap box)  and set this column width to the width of the front of the bar of soap.  (in this case, 3.25″).  Set the 4th column to the same  (this will be the back of the soap box).


Now select the middle column and set this to the full width of the soap, in this case 1.25″.


Select the entire row and set the row height to the height of the soap (or a little taller or shorter, depending on whether you want the soap to stick out of the top or not).


Now for the bottom row.  The column widths are already set, so just set the row height to 0.7 of the size of the depth of the soap (Similar to how you did the side flaps above).

Soap bottom Flap.jpeg

Select the entire table, and right click on it.   Go to “Borders and Shading”.  Select “All” on the left side, select the double lines in the center section, and select “table” on the right.  Click OK.  This will put lines where the table borders are, so you know where to fold and cut.


You are done formatting the box template.  Save.

Now on the soap box front (2nd column), type in the soap name, any special ingredients (luxury oils, additives, etc.) and the weight.


On the middle column, put the name of the soap.  This is the side of the box, similar to a book spine.

On the 4th column, put the ingredients used in the soap, in the order of the most to least of the volume used.

Underneath that, put in the date made, the soap maker/company name/ logo, and contact details such as email address.

Save and print onto a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ card stock.

Cut out the box, making sure to include the bottom flap piece.

Fold along the lines and crease with a bone folder or other instrument to make a sharp crease.  When folding the long bottom fold for the bottom flap, it is easier to start in the middle and work you way to the ends.

Cut the lines on the bottom of the bottom flap.  This allows you to fold them up and create the box bottom.


Fold the box up so the side flaps come together.   Use crafters tape and tape on the back of one side flap and the front of the other side flap.  As these will overlap each other, the tape on the front and back sides will secure the side of the box.


Set the box upright and try to gauge where you need to stick the side flaps together.   Look at the top of the box looking down, so you can see when it looks square (rather than skinnier on one side than the other).  When you get the right overlap worked out, push the taped pieces together to make sure they are firmly glued.

Now fold the bottom slide flaps inward and one side of the bottom flap up.   Put a little tape on the bottom so that the long bottom flap sticks to the small side flaps.


Put some tape on the other bottom flap and fold it down.  And ta-da!  You have a box!


If you would like to download the box template, it is located here >> full-bar-soap-box-template



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