Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Using the recipe posted on the SoapQueen.com site, I made some melt and pour eyeballs soaps for my nephew.


They weren’t as easy to make as they look.    It is very hard to get the pupil and the iris right.  On my first and second attempts, I poured too much of the black and colored sections and they ended up looking like frog eyeballs.   Third time’s  a charm though, and they finally worked out.


I scented them with Pineapple Cilantro fragrance oil (from Brambleberry).


In the colored parts, I used clear melt and pour soap base,  Apple Moss Green Mica, Cappuccino Mica and Caribbean blue mica and Luster Black Mica for the colorants and just used plain white melt and pour soap base for the white part.

Melt and Pour Eyeball Soap


I made about 4 of each color (brown, blue and green) and put them  in a glass jar with a lid (like you use for making candles in).


My nephew loved them!     Cute gift for a kid, especially around Halloween time.  Thanks SoapQueen!




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