Kindle Ebook Promotion Deal is Live – Get “Pure and Mild Soap: Natural & Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps” for just 99 cents (USD) for a limited time.

The Amazon Kindle Store 99 cent deal is active for today and tomorrow (November 3 and 4th) for Pure and Mild Soap:  Natural & Nature Identical Cold Process Soaps.

Get it HERE for  just 99 cents!

After November 4th, the price goes up to $1.99 (USD), and then on November 7, it goes back to its normal price of $2.99.

The book contains recipes and instructions for making 15 different, luxurious, natural and nature identical soaps which can be used on the body or as shampoo bars in most cases (those with bleached or color treated hair may wish to avoid using soaps that contain strong colorants).


The following recipes are in the book:


splash-page2Natural Soaps :

1) Simple Chamomile Infused with Sweet Almond & Mango Butter Soap

2) Cocoa Butter with Hazelnut & Coconut Milk Soap

3) Rosemary Peppermint with Argan & Babassu Soap

4) Chamomile Infused Lavender Lemon Goat Milk with Shea Butter Soap

5) Calendula Infused Lemon Orange Buttermilk with Shea Butter Soap

6) Anise Indigo with Avocado, Hemp & Shea Butter Soap

7) Chamomile Calamine Lavender Tea Tree Goat Milk Soaps

8) Ginger Grapefruit Triple Butter Beer

9) Comfrey Infused Citrus Lemongrass Kitchen Soap Cubes


Nature Identical Soaps: 

(Nature identical soaps are natural but contain small amounts of colorants which are lab created, but molecularly identical to natural pigments.  This allows for better purity control and less contaminants than if the natural colorants were used).

1) Lemongrass Lime Meadowfoam & Shea Butter Soap

2) Lemon Basil with Yogurt & Shea Butter Soap

3) Rosehip Infused Double Mint Goat Milk Soap

4) Litsea Cubeba, Citrus, Ylang Ylang with Buttermilk & Mango Butter Soap

5) Ginger Lime with Hemp & Mango Butter Soap

6) Eucalyptus Spearmint with Sweet Almond & Mango Butter Soap


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