In retrospect, it was not such a wasted weekend after all!

Free time is such as scarce commodity that I find myself planning to use it wisely.  I usually have my weekends planned out by at least Wednesday or Thursday, and then by Friday night, I am ready to get started executing my action plan.

This past week, however, I decided I would knit all weekend.  After knitting Friday night, I was already bored, so I had to whip up a “Plan B”.    

I tried to knit again on Saturday, but it didn’t “take”.  I just wasn’t in a knitting mood.     I made a machine knit washcloth and then picked up my mess and put it all away for another day.  Maybe when it snows out I will get my groove back.


My reed diffusers needed to be re-done as they still had a very “summer” scent in them, so I poured out the old fragrance and made some new ones with some Applejack Peel fragrance (very “autumn”).


The reed diffusers took all of 15 minutes to do, so I started to get anxious because I didn’t feel like making soap, my latest book project was already published, and I just wasn’t sure what I should do with the rest of my time.   So I thought I would experiment with making and using a new hot oil treatment for my hair.


I went and took a shower, coating my hair with the hot oil treatment.   Since it had Olive and Castor oils in it, it did take a bit of doing to wash it all out, but after a few washes, all was good and my hair was happy.

So that adventure took another 1/2 hour.  And it was only 1 PM,  I still had most of the Saturday to go…what next then?

I decided to do some chores.   My dogs needed “the full monty”  (clean ears, clean teeth, bath), so that got done.

Then I was lazy for a couple of hours, surfing the Internet for some inspiration.  After dinner, I did some more inspiration hunting and felt like I was wasting my valuable weekend time, but I was tired and un-inspired.

Sunday was even worse.  I got up, showered, fed the dogs, had my coffee and then was faced with the glaring white canvas that was my Sunday.

I rearranged my soap supplies and organized some of them.  I turned the soaps on my curing rack.  I picked up and smelled all the soaps in my “done curing” rack.   I rifled through my fragrance oil collection and essential oil collection — but nope — I still didn’t feel like making any soap.

My husband had been wanting a fragrance for one his rooms, but didn’t want a reed diffuser since he was afraid he would tip it over and spill it.  So I made a gel air freshener for him (also Applejack Peel).


I made the mistake of looking at HBOGO to see if there were any new movies there, and found a Tim Burton movie “Big Eyes”.     I thought I would put that on while I picked away at some more chores or something, but I ended up just watching the whole movie and surfing some more.   It was pretty good, but very different from other Tim Burton movies.

Faced with just a couple of hours of weekend left, I saw a pin for Burt’s Bees Apricot Baby Oil, and thought “That sounds nice!  Hey, I will see if I can make some of that”.  So I whipped out my apricot fragrance, some oils, and mixed it all up.    Shoot, that took only like 5 minutes (but I did use it last night and it was glorious!).


I was feeling pretty bad about being lazy and wasting my weekend, but then I uploaded my pictures and had a look.   It turns out I did get a few things done — it just didn’t feel like it because they were so quick!

Of course, now that it is Monday and I have no free time, I can think of all kinds of things I want to do, but…I guess I had better get to planning for next weekend.  I feel so much better when I have a firm plan.   Does anyone else have this type of OCD?



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