Trying new things– part 1 — clay soaps

For the longest time I have wanted to make some clay soaps, but I just never found the time.    I have had some various clays sitting around for months, just begging to be used.   Well, this past weekend, I did it!      I tried a new thing or two!

My goal was to make a couple of facial soaps.  One for dry, sensitive skin and one for oily, blemish prone skin.   Good thing I had a couple of perfect clays for that.  And they turned out beautiful!


Dry Sensitive Skin Facial Soap

Rose Clay, Meadowfoam & Shea with Tussah Silk, Bergamot, Grapefruit and Clary Sage.

The Tussah Silk gives them such a nice luster.  The soaps in the picture are dry and look at how they shine!   There are no colorants, just the pink clay.   The clary sage anchored the grapefruit and bergamot, so they smell mostly of grapefruit.  I can’t wait 6 weeks to enjoy them!

Oily, Blemish Prone Skin Facial Soap

French Green Clay, Grapeseed and Hempseed oils, Shea Butter, with Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Lavender

I drink rice milk with my cereal and have been throwing out the cartons for months.  I am so sad about that because look at what great soap molds they make!  I won’t be throwing them out any longer.  They worked great and they made a nice sized square bar of soap.  They released easily, and were easy to tear away once the soap hardened. They hold about 32 ounces, so I got about six 5 ounce bars out of it (and a couple of soap ends).    The pictured finished soap is still wet.  I don’t think it’s a partial gel, but just the clay holding on to the moisture.  I will have to see as they dry out.  They are looking better already today.

They smell kind of minty and medicinal like tea tree, but softened down a bit with lavender.  Tea Tree and lavender, when mixed together, especially with a little bit of lemongrass, make a whole new smell that smells like nothing else I can think of to compare it to.    They smell fresh, clean, slightly minty, and soft.


Blueberry Yogurt Soap


I had to make one more soap over the weekend (I just had to). Whenever I make plain soaps or “functional” soaps, I just always have to make a fun soap too.  It’s a personal thing (or some sort of weird OCD).

I had purchased some Brambleberry Blueberry fragrance oil and thought it would be fun for the kids.  Well, it kind of smells like grape, but the kids might still like it.    I just made my regular soap recipe and added about an ounce of greek yogurt at trace.  But the real beauty is the color!  Who knew that just ultramarine blue would be such a lovely color (especially after the fragrance made the batter bright yellow — argh!)  I haven’t cut the soap yet, but had to share the lovely shade of blue that it made.

Every time I make yogurt soap, I am always surprised when I cut the soap and it STINKS!  It smells like some evil brew of sulphur and rotten milk.   Luckily, this smell goes away after a couple of hours and all is well.   When I cut this one I will have to remember because it is not a pleasant surprise — but more of a thing you should brace yourself for.


So, all in all, I am pleased so far with my weekend creations!   I am feeling accomplished, having finally made some clay soaps.


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