Blooming Bath Oils

It’s vacation week for me and I have so much fun planned in my kitchen!   I started out the first day (Saturday) with a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up some inexpensive packaging and containers.   The Christmas gifting marathon has begun!

Hobby Lobby had these cute little 5 ounce bottles.  I picked up 4 of them (2 packs).  They are $1.99 per pack, so about a buck a bottle.  A little pricey, but not too bad.   They are really lightweight plastic, so there will be no worries about dropping and breaking them.  They also had some similar bottles that were shaped like little fish, horses, and etc… which would work great if you were making these for kids.

Today, I made some blooming bath oils using these bottles.   I made 4 kinds – (purple) Energy, (clear) Coconut Cream, (orange) Apricot, and (green) Ginger Lime.   It’s a mix of fragrance oils I had lying around from soap making.  They are from Brambleberry and Nature’s Garden.


They are really simple to make.  You just add your oils, a little polysorbate 80, and fragrance.   Then shake them up.  After mixing up the oils, I got the idea to give them a little sparkle by adding a pinch of snowflake sparkle mica.  That was a good decision. They turned out really cute!

I don’t know why they call them “blooming”.  In my test in the sink, it didn’t really bloom.  But it did emulsify nicely into the water, leaving no oil slicks on top (thanks to the polysorbate 80).    The polysorbate 80 also works nicely to keep the sparkles suspended in the mixture (versus floating or sinking in the bottle).  You can really see them in this picture.

(correction:  the glitter did eventually sink to the bottom, but if you shake the bottle, it mixes back in).

Blooming Bath Oils 2.JPG

I did not add very much colorant, as I didn’t really want them to color the water and leave a  bathtub ring.   The colorant didn’t color the water at all.   Here is a picture of my sink test. (Please ignore the scratches on the bottom of my sink.  I need a new one).

  • The first picture is before I poured in the teaspoon of oil.
  • The 2nd is after I mixed it in and stirred.  There is no oil slick at all, and the water didn’t turn orange.
  • I stuck my hand in there, swished it around, and pulled it out.   It was soft and felt moist, but not greasy.  I wiped it off with a paper towel and didn’t wash it.   It wasn’t greasy at all!    The sink rinsed out with no trace of oil or color left.  Success!

I am working on another book.  This one is going to take a little longer than my soap books did as I am doing the production, tweaking, photography, and testing phase right now with my recipes.    It will be packed full of recipes for bath products, body treats, and home fragrance.  So far I have plans for about 40 recipes, so it’s going to take a little while to get through making all those recipes and testing them, but the book will be coming soon.  I’m shooting for next spring.   The full recipe for the blooming bath oils will be in this book.

I am sure you already noticed, but I am a terrible bow tier.   I need more practice.  Oh well.  I am going to put little round office labels on the bottom of the bottles with the ingredients and fragrance name.   Since the bottles are so round, it would be hard to label the side of the bottle.  If a person were artistic, they could put some lettering on the bottle with a Sharpie pen, but I am FAR from that talented.

And here they are, all finished (minus the label on the bottom).   I think my “giftees” will be well pleased!



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