Organizing the Soaping Supply Room / Makeshift Apothecary

I have always dreamed of having an apothecary.   It is something I have wanted since I was a teen ager.   I never had the money or the space to do this — until now!    No, it looks nothing like I pictured, and it contains an awful lot of soap making stuff that wasn’t part of the equation, but it is getting there.   Now if my dear hubby builds me some proper apothecary shelves, I think we will be in business!


It’s a few days into vacation and I still have not had time to make many things.  I have been shopping for containers, had a dental appointment, had to do my regular chores and ended up going grocery shopping.   All that ate up a full 2 days of my vacation already.   It’s Wednesday and I have only made a couple of things  (so in other words, I am NOT on schedule).


Part of what I have been doing is picking away at organizing my soaping bath & body supplies.   I recently bought more supplies to keep me busy on vacation and to refill some of my low stock.    I was running out of places to stash all my stuff, and I couldn’t find anything anymore.    So what started out as a simple “unpack the new boxes”, ended up being a “rearrange everything” exercise.

My china cabinet was full of a bunch of pretty, but totally un-functional decorative china.

I put all that away and took over the china cabinet for some of my smaller supplies.   I had already taken over the top shelf of it for my herbs (upcoming post on that soon).



I washed out all my butter containers so that the butters stuck to them don’t get rancid and spoil my new butters.  I pulled everything out of all the cupboards and drawers and took an inventory and re-organized them.   I found a lot of stuff I forgot I had.   Then I started to organize the shelves according to function.


The china cabinet now holds:

Top:  Dried herbs & clays



Left glass cupboard: Essential oils, liquid dyes, additives and aloe products.



Right glass cupboard:  Fragrance oils, micas and oxides, herb infused oils (there are mirrors on the back of the cupboard so it is not as much as it looks like)



The drawers and wood cabinets are holding things like cookie sheets, stainless steel bowls, containers of baking soda, epsom salts and citric acid, measuring spoons, small tins and dropper bottles.


Here is the zoomed out view:

See that little thank you card in the bottom left cupboard?  I made some bath bombs for a friend and her kids drew me a nice thank you card.   It was so sweet, I kept it (it’s inspirational).



Then I got to work on my 3 other shelves and ended up with:


Shelf 1:  Oils, Waxes & Butters.  On the bottom are my coconut milk cans, distilled water jug and boxes of melt and pour soap base.



Shelf 2:  Empty containers, small soap molds, cured soaps, turkey roaster (for making herb infused oils)



Shelf 3:  Tools and paper craft (things like fragrance droppers, spatulas, stick blender, piping tips, cardstock, glues, paper cutter, and etc).  The boxes hold things like more soap molds, photography props, and misc. tools).



I am not done yet.  My table is still overflowing with all the junk I have yet to put away.  the cabinet on the left of the picture holds unsightly things like empty mason jars & lids, lotion bottles, spray bottles, plastic jars,  corn starch containers and all that kind of ugly stuff.   (There are 4 canvas bins on the bottom overflowing with this junk).   On top I have my finished products such as my blooming bath oils and some curing soap. The drawers are full of my main soap molds.




It is not my dream apothecary yet, but it is moving in the right direction.   Who needs a dining room anyhow?   (yes, I am aware of how hideous the wall paper is, but we haven’t had time yet to address it — in the meantime, it’s kind of creepy, right?).  At least for now I have a general idea of where to look for things that I need (instead of them all being tucked here and there).


Anyway, I love to look at the crafting spaces that people post, so I thought I would share my “new and improved” version of my crafting space.  Hope you enjoyed it!


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