Vacation is over, but it was a productive one!

As I post this, I am aware that most people post vacation photos of their family on the beach, or at Disneyland.   My vacation photos are composed of my accomplishments and creations instead.   I don’t think this is strange at all.  When I was younger I travelled a lot, but now that I am older, I enjoy staying at home and making things instead.  We are where we are at in life, I guess, and my happy place is at home.


I started my vacation behind schedule due to a couple of wasted days shopping and going to a dental appointment.  I never did recover all week from that loss of time, and I am finishing out my week with a couple of things left on my list that will have to wait for next weekend. All in all, however, it turned out pretty productive.  I got many things made for Christmas gifting, got all the recipes tweaked and “how to” photos queued up for my next book (which will be about — guess what?  Bath, body & home recipes).


To put closure on my vacation (insert sad music here), I wanted to do a quick round-up of what I made.


Bath Treats:


Hair Treats:


Body Treats:


Health & Home:


So that is 20 things made in 10 days.  An average of 2 things per day (although it really was only 7 days due to the delays I already mentioned).  I did have a couple of things I had to re-make because the first try didn’t succeed.  I can’t complain though.  Actually, I am going to complain.  After all that work, all those dirty dishes washed, and hours and hours on my feet…MyFitnessPal hardly gave me any exercise credit for it (like 8 calories for exercise per day).  BOO!


I feel exhausted now and am “almost” ready to go back to work tomorrow to get a rest.  I still have to make my labelling and I have a couple more things to make, but most of my Christmas gift making is done now.  🙂  Hooray!


If you are one of my American friends, I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you had at least a little time to spend doing what you love to do.


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