Christmas Packaging for Gifts

Time is running short.   In just another week I need to go on a “santa run” and bring my handmade gifts to my sister’s house to share with her and my nieces.


I am furiously trying to get my packing done so the gifts are presentable.  The packaging does make a huge difference.   It makes the gifts seem more professional and they are perceived as being more valuable.    Of course, all this packaging does cost a lot of time and money, so in actuality, they really ARE more valuable.


As I made all the soaps and they came off the curing rack, I made all their little soap boxes up so that I wouldn’t be slammed at the last-minute making them all up.  I am going to put them into these little Christmas boxes I got at Hobby Lobby.  They are just big enough.


Although I still have a few bath bombs yet to make, I got the majority of them done.  I just need to swing by Hobby Lobby and pick up some 6 cavity cupcake boxes.  They work great for gifting the large mondo sized bath bombs.  (I have wrapped them in plastic wrap and hit them with the heat gun (so that is why they are shiny).


So far I have made:

  • Orange (back row) – Peach Butter Bombs (bath bombs that are emulsified and have a large percentage of oil and butter versus using witch hazel to bind them)
  • Pink (sides) – Apricot Butter Bombs
  • Purple (middle) – Blackberry Sage Bath Bombs
  • Yellow (front) – Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath Bombs


I will probably  make 2 more kinds this weekend.   I have to split them among 8 people.


My dining room table is overflowing with gift baskets right now and I can’t wait to gift them all so I have room to get started on some new projects.  I have to admit that the packaging is my least favorite part of the process, but it is so necessary.




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