Husbands! What are they good for?

Well it turns out, I just happen to have a handy, ingenious husband, so he is actually good for an awful lot!  He is good at indulging me, spoiling me, and coming up with ingenious ways to re-purpose.  😉

I think that everyone is familiar with the 90’s oak CD cabinet.  I think EVERYBODY had one, including me.    It was full of CDs that we never watch anymore, software driver discs that we don’t need anymore, and a bunch of music which has been replaced by digital means.   So we boxed it all up, and my handy dandy husband took off the legs and the base.  The rest turned out to be a fully functional, stand-alone hutch.   I would have never thought of it. 

He made me a “Franken-pothecary”.  Actually, it was his idea to turn it into an apothecary cabinet.  I fought him on it (not too much) because I thought the drawers would be too shallow, but it turns out they hold just enough.  I also thought the wood was a different color, but it turned out to be a great match for my buffet!


There are 15 drawers (which I have already filled).  They hold things like my soap making tools, stick blender, dropper bottles, rolls of ribbon, bath bomb molds, and the like.   Yes, I wish they were a little deeper drawers, but I think this might just work out!  I have a habit of overloading everything anyhow, then I can’t find anything.

The lamps are temporary.  It is just what we had right now, but will be replaced with better lighting.    Also the wall paper has to go (I keep saying that, but it hasn’t happened yet).   There are picture hooks on the wall where we removed a painting, and those have to go too.  But overall, I think it might just work out great.   Husbands, eh?



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