Enjoying My Herbal Teas on a Snowy Sunday Afternoon

Now that I have all these herbs, I have been doing a lot of experimenting with different herbal and non-herbal teas.

I have tried a few that I don’t like very much, and there are a few that are “just ok” and then there are some real winners.

Today, I tried a tea (Pick Me Up) from the Rosemary Gladstar Book “Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health”  and it was very good.  It had Hawthorn Berries, nettles, gingko, licorice root, cinnamon and ginger.   It was kind of like a light Chai blend.  Very nice on a cold, snowy, Sunday afternoon.  I guess it gave me some energy because prior to drinking it, I was really dragging, and it got me through making a batch of bath bombs.

Then I tried a Rooibos tea and didn’t care at all for it.  I read that Rooibos was sweet, but mine was anything but sweet — it was tart — and I hate tart.   I did add a piece of dried pineapple and some sweetened coconut to it and it was still tart.   I threw it out.

Smelling the Rooibos tea bag leads me to believe that I don’t like Rooibos.  Or maybe it is that I bought Meijer brand Rooibos tea bags and maybe it is just that brand I don’t like.

Anyhow, I did really enjoy the Meijer brand Oolong tea bags.  They are a light, flowery, blend and it was nice.

I really like my little 2 cup teapot I bought from Glenbrook Farms.    It holds just enough tea for me and it comes with a little brewing basket, so you just put all your herbs in there, pour in some boiling water, and wait for it to steep.  Easy clean-up and convenient!


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