ONE More Batch of Christmas Bath Bombs – Done!

I recently made several batches of different kinds of bath bombs for Christmas gifts.  I made some that were emulsified with oils, and some plain ones.  The only problem is that I miscounted and did not make enough.


I have one family that has 4 ladies.    I only made them 6 bath bombs.  Not good.  So today I made another batch and tried something new.

The kids really like the “Monkey Farts” bath bombs.  It has a fun name and smells fruity.  So I wanted to make them a little different from my usual 2 color bath bombs.

I decided to try coloring some epsom salts and mixing them in with the white bath bomb mixture.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to succeed or just bleed.


I mixed Lab Colorants in with 1/4 cup of epsom salts in each bowl.   You have to mix a lot but eventually it does mix in.

Then I just dumped that into my pre-mixed blend of baking soda, kaolin clay, and citric acid and mixed lightly until evenly dispersed.


Then the measured and poured in my Polysorbate 80, safflower oil, and fragrance.

The final step was to spritz with witch hazel until it would stick together, and mold them into bath bombs.

I use the Brambleberry Stainless Steel Mondo Bath Bomb molds.  They are a bit large, so you really have to make a large batch of bath bomb mixture, but everyone loves them.  I got my recipe figured out to make about 9.5 bombs.  I use the extra 1/2 bath bomb to do a test in my sink to make sure it doesn’t stain.

I think they turned out cute.  They won’t color the bath tub water much at all (which can be a good thing), but they are still fun, fruity, and colorful.


Now I just have to let them dry for a day or two, wrap them, and I am finally done with making all my Christmas gifts.  🙂  (Good thing, because my “Santa run” to my sister’s house is coming up next weekend.)

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