Today’s Favorite – Oatstraw (Avena Sativa)

Some days I am just drawn to certain things.  Sometimes it is coffee, sometimes food, sometimes tea, and today, it is Oatstraw.

While it looks a lot like something a horse should eat, or perhaps a bird should build a nest with, and it doesn’t smell like anything spectacular, it does have a uniquely calming flavor.

Earlier today, I tried a brew of nettles, oat straw and red clover.   I braced for the worst, thinking it might taste very awful, but to my surprise, it was actually nice (and perfect for my busy afternoon at work).   It was about 1 tsp. of each herb into 2 cups of boiling water for 10 minutes.

My first impression was that I could definitely taste the nettles, which are not bad.  They are kind of “cozy” tasting (if cozy had a flavor).   The red clover was nice too, and added a little bit of top note.   The oat straw, however, seemed warm, gentle, and sweet.   I was expecting it to taste grassy (because that is how it looks), but I didn’t think it was grassy at all.

So tonight when I made my chamomile tea, I did 1/2 oat straw and 1/2 chamomile.  I was hoping I did not ruin my chamomile tea (because I like it just fine with just chamomile and honey), but it also turned out tasty.  The oat straw and chamomile blended nicely and tasted sweet and soothing.

I am going to have to try a few more oat straw blends.  I understand it is good for many things including adrenals, bones, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.

It is also supposed to be good for fixing brain fog.  I have to agree because before having it this afternoon, I was  struggling with some spreadsheets at work, but once I had my tea, I zipped right through them quickly and got 30 reports done this afternoon.

I was very pleased with both teas today and see oatstraw becoming a regular in my teas.   I am also reading up on it because it is a great skin soothing ingredient too, so there may be some soap, bath products and skin salves made with it in the future.


*Cover image courtesy: Commons.Wikimedia.Org


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