Hemp & Bergamot Intensive Cream

Continuing on my lotion making adventure, I concocted a batch of thick, rich, nourishing cream made with hempseed oil (that is what gives it the green color) and bergamot essential oil.   It smells so happy, and is very intensive.   As such, it does feel a bit temporarily oily than the other lotions, but there is a place for that too (dry elbows, feet, dry skin patches, etc). It does sink in after a few minutes and then is wonderful.

I put some on my face and my mood is definitely improved (and my skin seems happy as well, it finally doesn’t feel “winter dry”).

Unfortunately (I don’t know what I was thinking), I didn’t take any pictures while making the cream, but it is made in exactly the same manner as the instruction I posted yesterday for my “Silky Oats Cream”.

I will definitely make this one again.  This is a keeper.  At first, I thought it was going to fail because when I heated the BTMS-50 and the oils, it came out  looking like sludge, but I just re-melted it in the microwave and made sure to give it extra blending, and everything worked out just fine.

It did take a very long time to fully thicken up (36 hours), and after I got it thick, I took it out of the container and gave it a few extra whips with the stick blender just to get it creamier looking as the little bit of foam on the top was bothering me.  It blended right in and now it is rich and creamy (just like I always wanted).

Hempseed oil is great for dry, aging skin.  It offers moisture, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin.  It does only have about a 6 month shelf-life (due to the hempseed oil), so don’t make too much of this.  Only make what you can use in 6 months.  The recipe below makes about 16 ounces.

Bergamot is an effective Aroma Therapy oil for helping with stress and anxiety.  It is also commonly used for aging skin (lines & wrinkles) as well as for general skin healing.  On top of that, it smells great (light, fruity, almost like candy).

Here is the recipe if you would like to try it:

hempbergamotcreamHemp & Bergamot Intensive Cream

  • Water Phase
  • Oils Phase
  • Cool Down Phase
Ingredient 16 oz
Distilled Water 72.00% 12.2
Glycerin 2.00% 0.3
Hemp Oil 6.00% 1.0
Sweet Almond Oil 10.00% 1.7
BTMS50 8.00% 1.4
Green Tea Extract 1.20% 0.2
Optiphen 0.80% 0.1
Total Oz   17

I also stirred in about 3 ml of bergamot essential oil in the cool down phase.

Update:  26 December – I just used this on very dry skin on my back and WOW, it was great.    It took the dry feeling away immediately and my back felt much better all day.  When I took a shower this evening it was still there, protecting my skin.  I could feel it as I washed.   So I put some more on after the shower.   In my opinion, this recipe is a keeper!

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