Silky Oats Cream Recipe

I am back to the drawing board with making lotions again.   I have made a few experimental lotions so far and while they are nice and work great, they just don’t have that creamy consistency I am looking for yet.  They are all turning out too light and fluffy.

So tonight I tried a different approach.  I stick blended less and I didn’t use a co-emulsifier.  How did it turn out?  Well, so far…so good!

The lotion is cooling, but I used a little bit and so far it seems nice.  It will continue to thicken overnight.   This time it does seem creamier (at least so far).

I  decided to use jars rather than bottles right now because if the lotion fails, it is easy to clean out and re-use the jars.  Not so easy with the bottles.  I got these jars at Specialty bottle.   They are the 16 oz square PET jars.

In case you want to try to make this lotion, here is the recipe and instructions:


Silky Oats Cream (16 oz.)

  • Water Phase
  • Oils Phase
  • Cool Down Phase
Ingredient % 16 oz
Distilled Water 71.00% 11.4
Sodium Lactate 2.00% 0.3
Emulsifying Wax NF 7.00% 1.1
Cocoa Butter (Deodorized) 7.00% 1.1
Avocado Oil 3.00% 0.5
Olive Oil 6.50% 1
Liquid Silk 0.50% 0.1
Oat Extract 1.00% 0.2
Optiphen 1.00% 0.2
Fragrance 1.00% 0.2
Total 100.00% 16.1
  1.  Gather the ingredients and equipment.
  2. Make sure to sanitize the equipment and lotion container by dipping it into a 5% bleach solution (about 1 oz. bleach to 1 gallon warm water, then rinsing and dying with a clean cloth or paper towel).  12-17-16-lotion1
  3. Place the distilled water and sodium lactate in one measuring cup (2 cup sized) – (Water Phase – blue text items in the chart above).
  4. Place the oils, butter, and wax in the other 2 cup measuring cup – (Oils Phase – Orange text in the chart above).
  5. Place both measuring cups into a sauté pan with about 1 inch of water in it and heat on the stove on medium heat (then reduce the heat once the water starts to get bubbles like in the below picture).12-17-16-lotion3
  6. When the temperature of the liquids in the cups gets to 160 degrees, continue heating for another 20 minutes at this temperature (adjust the stove settings to keep the temperature stable).12.17.16.Lotion4.JPG
  7. After 20 minutes, turn off the stove and pour the water mixture in one of the measuring cups into the oils mixtures (the other measuring cup) stirring with a spatula.12-17-16-lotion5
  8. Remove from the water pot and then stick blend in very short bursts (the cup will be pretty full).   Once you can stick blend longer without spilling over the cup, continue to stick blend for about 5 minutes.   If it starts to foam and expand, get a bigger cup (don’t forget to sanitize it first).  Make sure to release the air under the stick blender bell by tapping the stick blender against the bottom of the cup.12-17-16-lotion7
  9. After mixing for 5 minutes, walk away and do something else for about 10 to 15 minutes so it will start to cool down.
  10. When you come back to it, check the temperature.  If it is under 120 degrees Fahrenheit, add the remaining ingredients: Optiphen, fragrance, oat extract and liquid silk  (I used Nature’s Garden Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance). (Cool Down Phase:  Purple text items in the chart above).
  11. Mix again with the stick blender for about an additional 4 or 5 minutes.  It will still be very thin.
  12. It may get foamy, but don’t worry, once it thickens up you can stir that back in.  If there is a lot of foam, you can always scrape some off and discard it.12-17-16-lotion8
  13. Walk away again for another 10 minutes and then return to check the thickness.  If it is still thin, stick blend again.
  14. Keep repeating the 10 minute breaks until the lotion thickens up.
  15. Once it is thick enough to hold some shape, pour it into a sanitized container.  Then store it overnight with the lid off to let it firm up and cool.12-17-16-lotion9
  16. The next day, put the lid on and you’re done.




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