Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! – Get Your “Luxurious Handmade Soap” Book for Free on December 25 & 26.

In the spirit of the holidays, I am giving away my newest soap making book, “Luxurious Handmade Soap: Twenty Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps”, for free on the Amazon Kindle Store on Christmas Day and the day after (25 & 26 December).

Get it for free here (25 & 26 December only) >> Luxurious Handmade Soap: Twenty Gorgeous Cold Process Soaps

If you enjoy the book and the recipes, I request that you leave an honest review on the amazon page linked above.




The beauty of cold processed soap is that it can be simple, minimal and practical, or it can be elaborate, luxurious and practical. Practical is listed twice because soap is meant to be used, not just to be admired. The allure of making handmade soap is that you get a chance to use your creativity, skill, and knowledge about the different soap making ingredients and combine them in unique and interesting ways to produce your own works of art. Then you get to use and enjoy them. All parts of the process are enjoyable — well, except for the cleanup.

This book contains recipes and instructions for 20 cold process soaps that are mild, luxurious, skin-loving, beautiful, and practical. There are a variety of soap making techniques used, which are suitable for experienced or advanced beginner soap makers. From plain, uncolored soap to fully swirled, colorful, frosted and embellished soap, there is sure to be a recipe perfect for you to try out.

Hanger swirl, layering, piping, Taiwan swirl, in-the-mold swirl, in-the-pot swirl, and melt and pour embeds are all covered with in-depth instructions and diagrams (for the more complex designs).

Recipes are included for swirled soaps, soaps for men, milk soaps and frosted soaps. A variety of colorants, additives, liquids, and fragrances are used, and alternative instructions are also described in case you don’t have some of the less common ingredients on hand.

Instructions are also provided for using milks, making your own herb infused oils, and soap frosting.

These recipes are highly customizable so that you can use your own creativity, color, design, and fragrance preferences. Your next unique masterpiece is only one soap batch away!



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! – Get Your “Luxurious Handmade Soap” Book for Free on December 25 & 26.

  1. It sounds great! Even though it is unbelievable, I have zero experience neither with Amazon or with kindle device, so I miss your gift 😦 Anyway, good idea! Have a nice Christmas!


    1. Oh, I’m sorry, Vikaherbs. 😦 You don’t have to have a Kindle device. They have a kindle program that you can download to your computer for free that will read Kindle books. Then, of course, you would download the book from the Kindle store to read it with that app. Thank you for the Christmas wish. I hope you also have a very Merry Christmas!


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