Cutting of Apricot Adventure Soap and Coconut Cream Shampoo Bars

Recently I posted a couple of blog entries about a misbehaving batch of Apricot soap and about my search for a perfect shampoo bar.   Today I cut those soaps and thought I would post the results.

Honesty, neither batch turned out as bad as I thought they would.   With all the problems the apricot soap had, I am surprised it turned out at all, but after I plopped it all back into the mixing bowl and blended it some more, it seemed to do the trick.  

It hardened quickly, and less than 24 hours after pouring it into the mold, I was able to unmold it without smashing the corners or sticking to the silicone mold.  In fact, look at those beautiful sharp corners and lovely apricot color!


I was expecting that it would have at least a partial gel, but honestly, it looks like it mostly gelled (except for the very bottom of the bars).


If I were selling this soap, I would be upset about it, but I am keeping it for myself and for gifting, so it is no big deal.   So far I am very pleased at least that it didn’t fail and it smells pretty good too.


Now as for the coconut cream shampoo bar.    It also unmolded quickly and cleanly.


Then I cut it into bars and am pleased with the result, but again, at the very bottom of the bars, the color is slightly different so that means that most of the soap went through gel except the bottom of the mold cooled off quicker.   Maybe it was because I had the mold sitting on top of a metal cookie sheet?  Just guessing.


However!!!!   I am less than pleased with the scent.   The Nature’s Garden Creamy Coconut scent is lovely out of the bottle.  It smells like sweet coconut.  The soap, however, smells just like play-dough!    That could still change as it cures.   The soap does have coconut milk in it and sometimes milk soaps can smell a little funky when you first cut them.  I will give it time before making up my mind.


So overall, I think I can call these two batches a success.   I have used these recipes in the past so I know they will be great soaps with tons of lather and conditioning, so now I just have to wait 6 weeks to try them.


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