Argan Silk Conditioner – Free Recipe

Now that the holidays are largely over with, I am getting a little more time to continue my lotion making hobby.   It has been so busy for the past couple of weeks that I haven’t had much time to do very much of anything, but last night I whipped up a batch of experimental argan and silk hair conditioner.

I used the conditioner today and it really soaked into my hair.   My hair is long, dry, dull, and porous and it really drank it in.

I am not a person who wears any “product” in my hair.   My hair is long, straight, and aging and I like it to just be “natural”, but it does need some help with moisture and detangling.  I do not blow dry, curl, or color my hair.   I do not put in any hairspray or mousse or anything.   I just air dry and go.   So I do not like the feeling that there is anything in my hair.

When my hair dried, I did feel like it was a little weighted, but I might just be used to it being frizzy and flying away.   It definitely got rid of the frizz and added a ton of softness and shine.  To be fair though, this is my impression after using any conditioner (even store-bought).  I think for me, I might use it first before shampooing next time and see if that helps.  Since my hair really drank it in, I think it would still condition, even if I wash it afterward.

If you are a person who doesn’t mind a little light “product” or are going to put other products on your hair, you might not have the same impression as I do about it.  It will definitely add shine and take away frizz and static (at least it did for me).

I put a small amount of fragrance in it (Nature’s Garden Peach Perfection) and it smells so yummy.

Below is the recipe if you would like to try it out.

Argan  & Silk Hair Conditioner

Yield: about 16 ounces


Water Phase:

  • Distilled Water – 39.9% – 6.4 oz.
  • Aloe Liquid – 33.0% – 5.3 oz.  (if you don’t have this, just add 5.3 oz more water)
  • Vegetable Glycerin – 3.0% – 0.5 oz
  • Panthenol – 2.0% – 0.3 oz (if you don’ have this, you can omit it, but it’s great for hair)


Oil Phase:

  • Argan Oil – 6.0% – 1.0 oz.
  • Sweet Almond Oil – 7.0% – 1.1 oz.
  • BTMS-50 – 7.0% – 1.1 oz.


Cool Down Phase:

  • Liquid Silk – 0.5% – 0.1 oz (you can omit if you don’t have any)
  • Fragrance – 0.5% – 0.1 oz (you can omit if you want unscented)
  • Optiphen -0.8% – 0.1 oz



  1. Measure and put all the water phase ingredients into a 2 cup measuring cup.
  2. Measure and put all the oil phase ingredients into a 4 cup measuring cup.
  3. Measure and put all the cool down phase ingredients into a small measuring cup or shot glass and set aside.
  4. Heat the water phase ingredients in the microwave on the high setting using 30 second increments.  Stir and measure the temperature and keep giving it another 30 seconds until the temperature is about 165 degrees F.  Remove from the microwave.
  5. Do the same with the oil phase ingredients until it is also around 165 degrees F.
  6. Measure both containers and make sure they are both still over 160 degrees F.  If not, heat again.  The trick is to get them close to the same temperature and over 160 degrees F (but not too hot so they are boiling).
  7. When the temperature is right, pour the water phase ingredients into the 4 cup measuring cup with the oil phase ingredients.
  8. Stir with the spatula for a few moments and then insert the stick blender.
  9. Burp the stick blender to release any air caught under the mixing bell.  (Gently tap it on the bottom of the cup while it is slightly tilted to release the air).
  10. Stick blend for about 3 minutes then walk away and go do something else for about 10 minutes.
  11. After 10 minutes, stick blend again for about 2 or 3 minutes.
  12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 until the temperature is cool enough to add the cool down phase ingredients (under 120 degrees F).
  13. Add the cool down phase ingredients and stick blend for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  14. Pour into jars or bottles and let cool overnight with the lid off.


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