Cutting Green Tea & Baby Clean Soaps

It has been about 26 hours since I made the Baby Clean soap and approximately 28 hours since the Green Tea Soap was made.   Time to unmold and cut them and reveal the inner beauty!

They both unmolded cleanly and had nice crisp corners.  Neither stuck to the mold.


The green tea, being a botanical inclusion, has turned a greenish brown color but still produced a pretty swirl.  Again, as it is a botanical ingredient, it did migrate a little bit so the swirl is more muddy than usual.  The “Aloe and Cucumber” fragrance smells crisp and green.  It is lovely.




I was afraid the Baby Clean soap would develop glycerine rivers due to the accelerating fragrance along with the titanium dioxide, but so far (at least) there is no sign of them.  The soap also unmolded cleanly and I was surprised that the design turned out more like a tiger stripe since I did not do a tiger stripe, but a corner pour.


I guess the corner pour is “kind of” a tiger stripe in that you pour one color on top of the other, but usually provides more variation in design.  The batter was slightly accelerating though, so it was thicker than my usual batter.


Still, I think it turned out pretty good and it doesn’t smell anything like a baby.  This fragrance is more floral than anything (which explains the acceleration).




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