Nighty Night Nightcap Tisane Blend

Every night about 10 PM, I make myself an herbal tea (tisane).

I have shopped around for some herbal tea blends but they can be quite pricey.   Since I have a shelf full of herbs now, I just make them myself.  It is much cheaper and more fun.

I have experimented with many different blends, but keep coming back to this one, so I decided to blend up a batch and put it into its own little tin so I don’t have to haul out all the mason jars of each individual herb every night.

It’s quite simple really, it’s just half chamomile and half oat straw.    That is what I blended in the little 8 oz. tin.    But I usually add a 3rd herb as well.   Since that 3rd herb varies from day-to-day, I left it out of my mixture and add it separately.

Some nights I like to drink just the chamomile and oats blend.   Other nights I add a little bit of another herb such as catnip or skullcap or passionflower.   Some nights I like a little licorice root.  It just depends on my mood and what I feel like tasting.

Some are tastier than others.  A touch of peppermint or spearmint is nice.  Licorice root and catnip also give a little bit of a minty flavor, although more subtle than peppermint and spearmint. Lemon balm is also very nice as is marshmallow root.  Have allergies or need some nourishment?  Add nettles.    There are just so many things you can add as that 3rd herb.

Some nights I add a pinch of stevia if I feel like sweetening, or even 1/4 tsp. of honey instead if I have the calories to spare.nighttisane2

There were a few things I tried that I won’t repeat — like valerian.  UGH, awful.  Echinacea is equally as awful tasting.  Those will make better tinctures or maybe gel capsules.

It’s all about experimentation, but I love that the tisanes are so configurable so they can be as fickle as I am.




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