Not much soaping going on…but…

Yes, this site is still about soap making. No, I haven’t posted many soap blog entries lately.  It has been so busy over the holidays and now I am busy at work.   My soap rack is full from my last soaping sessions, so I have been taking the time to catch up on a few other chores around here.

I have been stocking up on fresh fruit juices for cooking.  I have juiced a bag full of limes, a bag of lemons and a bag of oranges and frozen them all into ice cubes so I can use them in my food recipes.

I have made 10 batches of espresso coffee and frozen those into ice cubes to put into my  chocolate protein shakes that I make for lunch every day.

My feet have been cold, so I knitted a pair of warm worsted weight bed socks to warm them.


I got some new herbs and some refills, so I have been washing mason jars and putting away my herbs.


And I have been getting some new storage furniture, containers, and decor for my home apothecary as well.

And finally, I am working on my next book, but it is only about 1/4 of the way done so far, so it is still going to be a few months before it is ready for publishing.


I am feeling the urge to make some soap though, but I just need to get caught up with all my chores and get some of my drying soaps off the rack in a couple of weeks to make room for more.

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