Soaping again…A re-stock of Pink Grapefruit Swirl Shampoo Bars

After a brief pause from soap making, I am back.   A couple of soaps finally cured and came off the drying rack, making room for more.  It’s a good thing too because I am almost out of my favorite Pink Grapefruit Swirl shampoo bars and needed to make more.  As it is, I might have to go without for a couple weeks while this soap finishes curing.

This soap is my favorite because it is so gentle (cleansing value of 14).  It detangles my long hair (which is no small task). It has a generous amount of shea butter and castor oil which make it super bubbly and creamy.  And it smells fresh, fruity and clean — like fresh sweet grapefruit.  It is also beautiful with a three-toned pink and white swirl. Finally, I love it because every time I make it, it turns out just perfect (while some other recipes sometimes give me fits).

The recipe for this soap is in my book – Simple Small Batch Cold Process Soap.   If you would like to try this soap out, I invite you to purchase this ebook.  It is available on and is only $2.99.  It contains detailed beginner instructions for making cold process soaps.  This soap is the final recipe in the book which walks you though 5 different beginner soap recipes, building up to this more complex recipe which includes fragrance, essential oils, shea butter, and a 3 color swirl design.

I hope if you give this soap a chance, you will love it as much as I do.  Out of all the soaps I make, I can’t live without this one.

For this recipe, I resized it to fit a 2# Brambleberry wooden mold.  While this is a larger batch than I usually make (it makes 7 bars of soap), I only use this mold for recipes which are “tried and true” (so that I don’t waste so much if the soap doesn’t turn out).  When I do get to use the mold, however, I am always in awe of how easy it is to unmold the soaps.   You have to buy the silicone liner for this mold separately, but it is worth the money. It peels off the soap log like peeling a piece candy –easy peasy!   It does not make a very square shape, as the sides do bow out a little bit, but it is not so much as to be an issue.




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