Saturday Soap

I am so happy that it’s Saturday again.   Weekdays go by so slowly lately, that it seems Saturdays are not very often, even though they occur once a week.   However, on Saturday, I am enjoying myself, so they go by so fast it’s like they didn’t even happen.

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is to make soap.   Today I got to make 2 batches.

I am not going to say much about this soap other than it seemed to go smoothly today.  No ricing, seizing, misbehaving, or issues.   Those days are rare, so I appreciate them when they occur.

Both of these soaps are extra luxurious, super bubbly shampoo bars with special  ingredients and yummy scents.

I will be back with an updated post on these soaps after they harden up, unmold and are cut in a couple of days.   In the meantime, I will leave them a mystery.

Hmmm… what could the purple, green and white one be?  What is the yellow and red one?   What do they smell like?  What are the special luxury ingredients?   Stay tuned!


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