Mystery Soap Cutting

On Saturday I posted a teaser for a couple of soaps that I made that day.   Today I unmolded and cut them.  As promised, I am posting the “after” pictures.

The first batch, the yellow, coral, and white.   This is made with Natures Garden “Peach Perfection” fragrance and Brambleberry mica and oxide colorants.     But that is not all that is in there.   It is also contains some luxury ingredients such as babassu oil, meadowfoam oil, shea butter and goat milk.   It is for this reason, I am calling it “Peaches and Cream”.     For this one, I did a tiger stripe design.

It did take a couple of days to unmold this.  On Sunday it was still too tacky, and even today, on Monday, I had to freeze it first to get it to release from the mold.  It seems, however, that everything came out OK and it smells peachy perfect!

The second batch, the purple, green and white.   This is made with a blend of essential oils: Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon and Clary Sage.  It smells very minty, herbal and floral.

This one contains some extra luxury ingredients such as silk, coconut milk, argan and meadowfoam oils, Babassu oil, and shea butter.  I also threw in a full ounce of mallow extract.  It should be a great shampoo bar!

Even with my silicone soap liner for the wooden mold, this one also had to be frozen to release from the mold and it stuck a little bit on the side.  I get this often when using essential oils for some reason.   It didn’t damage the soap too badly, so I am happy.  For this one, I did an in the mold swirl followed by a hanger swirl.

I decided to call this one “Clara” because for some reason with the herbal, floral and mint, it smells like what I think someone named “Clara” would smell like (not in  a bad way).  It smells clean and old-fashioned, like a proper lady.



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