Soap Packaging Day – Something New (to me)

Over Christmas vacation I made a few batches of soap. 6 weeks later they are now fully cured and cleaned up.  It was time to package them.

I have posted before about making soap boxes from card stock, but I wanted to do something different this time.   I saw a cute package on Pinterest and followed the tutorial posted on Youtube by Bare Tree Soaps.  You can find the tutorial video >>HERE

I made the labels using Avery 5163 labels (I think they are 2×4″) but I did cut them down a bit so they are more square.

On the front I put the soap name and special ingredients.  On the back I put the date made, where they were made, who made by, list of INCI ingredients, approximate weight and batch number.  The side view just shows that the stripes change direction (horizontal) which I think is quite sharp.


While I definitely need more bow tying practice, I think they turned out very cute!  Not bad for some cheap Hobby Lobby scrapbook paper, ribbon and a few Avery labels.


I found the little bags very easy to make.  Once you do a couple they start going quickly.  I did use a little bit of craft tape on them to give them a little more strength (as this was not card stock but scrapbook paper, which is a bit flimsier).   I think making and printing the labels took longer than making the boxes.  Punching the holes and placing the bow ties took a little while too.


Overall I think I have about 4 hours invested in making these but there were 20 in total that I made.    So it is a bit less time-consuming and less messy than making the soap boxes, but the soap boxes allow a chance to see and touch the soap while these are somewhat enclosed.  At least they are open on the sides so you can still peek at them and smell the soaps.


I might do these again.  It was a fun project and pretty simple to do.  Since you can use paper versus card stock, it might be slightly cheaper, but then you have to use ribbon with this method, so it is probably a wash.  I think that aesthetically they are bit more attractive than the boxes and probably a couple of hours less work.


4 thoughts on “Soap Packaging Day – Something New (to me)

    1. Thanks Vicki. I agree. I dread it every time, but when I am done, I am happy I did it. Maybe because there are so many to do at once. I mean, one batch of soap can be a lot of bars, depending on the size of the batch. Multiply that by several batches and that’s a lot of soap packaging. (Even more if you have been lazy and have several batches in the wings waiting for packaging -ugh).

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