Kin-Nik-Kin-Nap – A Bedtime Relaxing Herbal Vape Blend

Kinnikinnick is a Native American term given to a smoking mixture containing the Uva Ursi herb (bear berry or Indian tobacco) and other combinations of medicinal or spiritual herbs.


Since I mixed this blend with relaxing herbs that are thought to help promote better sleep, I decided to call it “Kin-Nik-Kin-Nap”.   I guess I was feeling clever tonight.

The herbs used in this mixture are herbs thought to help induce relaxation and sleep.


  • Uva Ursi is a plant native to North America.  It is also known as “bear berry” because bears enjoy eating the fruits it produces.  It was traditionally used for kidney and bladder complaints, but also for headaches and as a diuretic.  In modern times it is often used in herbal smoking blends as a tobacco substitute to help people quit smoking. I have used it in this blend because I bought some and wanted to try it out.
  • California Poppy – often recommended for insomnia, anxiety, and relaxation.
  • Skullcap – a nervine, with sedative properties.  Used against insomnia, and anxiety.
  • Passion Flower – another sedative that helps with sleep irregularity, stress, and neuralgia.
  • Blackberry Leaf – used because it is a fluffy herb that helps keep the mixture lighter and helps it to vaporize better.
  • Catnip – used for stress relief and as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Spearmint – this is included as a flavoring.  It tastes great and is sometimes used as a pain reliever and headache cure.


As I only made a small amount of this mixture, I used only 1/2 teaspoon of each herb except the spearmint.  I used 1 teaspoon of that for the great flavor.



I vaped a little bit of it tonight and I am feeling relaxed.  Not sleepy yet, but it is early.   I am enjoying it with a tea called “dream” that is a recipe in a book by Sarah Farr.


I bought Sarah Farr’s e-book, “Healing Herbal Teas: Learn to Blend 101 Specifically Formulated Teas for Stress Management, Common Ailments, Seasonal Health and Immune Support.”   So far I have tried several of the tea blends and I highly recommend this book to you.   Her tea blends are as beautiful as they are flavorful.  They make a lovely presentation that invites you to brew a cup.  The “respite” tea is also very good.  The book was only around $3.99 and was worth every penny in my opinion.


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