Exciting Results — First Attempt!

I posted a couple of days ago about my camera research in my quest to take better pictures of my soaps and other creations.   Well, Friday night, I pried open my wallet and invested in a new camera and today I am experimenting with my first attempts at taking the photos.

I would like to point out that I have never used a great camera, have always been just terrible at taking pictures, and I am just at the very beginning of my learning curve, but I am already so excited with the results!

My husband previously had a Canon XTI camera.  It was purchased about 10 years ago and is only about 10 MP so it wasn’t going to work for me.  However…he had a 50mm lens which is compatible with the newer Canons so that figured into my purchase decision.

I chose the Canon EOS Rebel T6i.   It is one which figured high into my research as many people gave it good reviews for taking product photography shots, and I like the features of being able to control it with your iPhone through Wifi.

We originally went to Best Buy to purchase it, but they were out of stock, so we hurried over to a local camera store before they closed to see what they had.

We ended up spending more money at the camera store, but we got one with a better lens kit (it came with an 18-135mm versus Best Buy’s 18-55mm lens).   They also threw in some goodies:  Flash card, UV filter, camera bag, 16×19″ photo paper and there was a promo to get a free (with rebate) very expensive photo printer, the Canon Pixma Pro 10, which prints lab quality prints up to 16×19″. I am sure I will be posting more about this later when I get a chance to use it.   Hubby was excited too because it means he can make prints of his artwork.  So psyched!

So today I set up a little vignette on my kitchen table to do some preliminary tests.  It is very overcast and snowing out today, so the lighting was a little tricky, but I was able to get some very good shots for a first try (I think). I just grabbed a couple of things I had lying around like some uncured, un-cleaned-up soaps, and a bottle of witch hazel spray I had in the bathroom (with an old label on it). I took these shots without any extra lighting, and with no reflective tools or anything.  Just point and shoot (with a tripod).

These were taken with the 50mm lens.  I didn’t like the shots I took with the 18-135mm lens.  I might just need to do more practice with it to learn how to use it, but it seemed to produce “flat” pictures versus the 50mm which has a better depth of field. It will probably a better “all-purpose” lens for photographing things like people, or landscapes.


So, what do you think?  Improvement over my standard “iPhone” shots (like the one below)?   I think the Canon shots have much better vibrance, lighting, and depth of field.

LOL – I do need to improve and spend more time on my composition and lighting, but I am very happy with my first attempt.



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