Cucumber Melon Bath Bombs & Strawberry Patch Bubble Bombs

Now that my new camera is up and running, I am getting started with remaking some of my products for my book.   This weekend I got 2 recipes re-made (out of a total of about 55 recipes, so I have a long way to go yet).

On Saturday, I made Cucumber Melon Bath Bombs.  On my first try, I got too wrapped up in taking pictures and accidentally wet the mixture too much, causing the bath bombs to prematurely fizz and crack.  So I had to make the recipe a 2nd time and pay more attention.  The second time was successful.

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On Sunday I made Strawberry Patch Bubble Bombs.   Bubble Bombs are essentially bath bombs, but they have SLSA added so that they make suds.  I added a lot of sunflower oil and jojoba beads.  The jojoba beads are largely for looks.  They are usually added to soaps or scrubs to give a little exfoliation, but I used them to add a little color variation and texture to the bombs.

The mixture was so wet with oils that I hardly had to add any witch hazel.  These will be ultra luxurious and moisturizing.    The last picture in the slide show below shows the bubbles that it made by just rinsing out my bowl after making the bath bombs.  They will make TONS of suds in the tub.


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The recipes for these and about 53 more products will be featured in my next book which I had hoped to publish by this spring, however, now that I have to remake all the recipes to get better pictures, it may be this summer instead.    I will certainly publish the news on this blog when the book is ready.

I love making bath bombs.  The provide instant gratification!   Now I’m off to plan which products I will re-make next weekend.


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