Iphone Photography Test with the Squidcam lens

On my recent photography purchasing spree, I picked up an inexpensive lens kit for the iPhone.    I bought a Squidcam from Amazon.com for $24.95 USD.  I thought it might be a fun toy, and I was right!

The kit comes with an iPhone case that has a few little “nubs” on it that allow you to snap on the lens kit.   The lens kit comes with 4 lenses which are stacked on top of one another. It comes with two lens caps .  On one side you have a fish-eye lens and under that, you have a 15x macro lens.  On the other side, you have a wide-angle lens, and under that a 10x macro lens.  To change the lenses, you just unscrew the top lens to access the bottom one, or you flip the lens bar over to access the lenses on the other side.  It’s simple to use.


So I was doing some chores today and got side-tracked and started taking some shots with the new lenses (because who needs to do chores on a Sunday anyhow!).

Overall I am impressed with the macro lenses, but not so much with the others.   The wide-angle lens has a lot of lens curve and vignetting as you can see in the below pictures.  It did widen the amount of the room that fit into the picture, however.


The fish-eye lens does pretty much what it promises.  You get the fish bowl effect.   I don’t care for the effect though (no offense to the lens, but fish bowl just isn’t really my thing).



I bought this lens for the macro lenses, though, and I am very pleased with what I got from them.

The below slide show contains pictures taken with the 10x lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The below slide show contains pictures taken with the 15x lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I think I may get clearer shots when my iPhone tripod ever arrives, but overall, I think it is $25 well-spent.  I can definitely see a future for the macro lenses in my soap photography and it’s a fun little lens to use.    I am fascinated by the macro-world, so this is the next best thing to expensive microscope photography (I would be SO geeked out to have that!)


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