Product Development

I had a busy weekend working on developing some new bath products.  It was a mixed bag. Some turned out great the first time, while others needed a few tries to get them right.  Others are still under revision and will require a trip back to the drawing board.


I managed to stain one mold, break another, and take a zillion cruddy pictures as I am working out my workspace lighting.


I ended up making two facial toner steamer fizzies, one sinus steam fizzy, a couple of batches of emulsified bath melts, an herbal bath tea, and an herbal hair rinse.


I had more on my docket but didn’t get around to it.  I ran out of time because I had to remake a few of these a couple of times to either get better pictures or improve the recipes.  I want them to be as perfect as they can be.



Above top left to bottom right:

  • Lemon, Rosemary & Rose Facial Toner Steam Fizzies
  • Vanilla Neroli, Mocha and Strawberry Emulsified Bath Melts
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint Sinus Steam Fizzies
  • Relaxing Herbal Bath Tea
  • Green Tea, Tea Tree & Lavender Facial Clarifying Fizzies
  • Moisturizing & Detangling Hair Tonic Herbal Rinse


I’m still struggling with my lighting and with learning my camera settings to get the clearest, crispest focus.   I think things are looking up, but it feels like there is still a long way to go, especially with my “how to pictures” because there is terrible lighting in my workspace.

Actually, my workspace has 2 problems.

  1.  It is a counter bar with overhead cabinets that have 2 led strip lights under them.  This creates a shadow where the cabinets are, and also a couple of strips of inadequate light that is directly overhead and creates glare.
  2. The other side of the counter (where I am facing) points out into my living room, so it’s not the most attractive backdrop for my “how to” photos.


Now my weekend is over (boo hoo) and I’m off to work tomorrow — even earlier than usual due to the US time change this weekend.    But next weekend is just a few days away, so I need to get planning for my next adventure.




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