Which shots have the most impact? Will you help me decide?

I took some photos today of my soaps.  Now that this batch is cured, I got the opportunity to clean them up and get better pictures of them.

I have distinctly different styles of photography going on with these.  My original pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago were more staged and dreamy, whereas my newer pictures are more minimalist and clear.   I think they both have a place, but I am not sure which I prefer.  I like them both.  Still I have to make a decision on my “style”, so I need some help determining which ones are better.   Do you have an opinion you would be willing to share?

On the one hand, the staged shots have more charm and “story” going on.  They definitely set a mood.  But they are a bit cluttered and might take the focus away from the soap. On the other hand, the minimalist shots are uncluttered and “airy” feeling but don’t really set much of a mood or tell a story.

I am not sure if a story or a mood is important in soap, but I am just curious what others think.    Be honest. If you think they all stink, I would rather hear that and go back to the drawing board to try again.

I am not selling the soaps, but the pictures I decide on (even if the are future pictures which are not taken yet) will end up in one of my books.  So I am selling the book at some point, but not the soap itself.  That might make a difference in your opinion.  Which pictures would entice you to want to make this soap?


Sunflower Lemon – Better #1 or #2?



Peaches and Cream – Better #1, 2, 3 or 4?



Clara – Better #1, 2 or 3?



Pink Grapefruit – Better #1, 2, or 3?



Appreciate hearing your thoughts.  Thanks.  🙂


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