Busy Weekend = Fun Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone already, but not without something to show for it!

I spent the weekend making a couple of soaps and bath / body products.  In all I got 9 things completed.

I am trying to work out my lighting problem in my work area.  I thought maybe my countertop was interfering with my picture quality.  It is sort of speckled tan, white and black. I think it really messes with the focus on my camera as well as the image brightness.  You can see it pretty well in this picture:


Anyhow, it is a busy and bland backdrop for a picture, especially when there is a picture of something in glass container (that is see through).  To mitigate,  I covered it with a blue plastic tablecloth for today’s pictures.  It seems to brighten them up quite a bit, so maybe the countertop is part of the equation.  I also put a couple of counter-top spotlights on either side to illuminate the backdrop (a big piece of mat board).  I had tried this previously with the countertop exposed, but it didn’t produce as much light.

This weekend’s projects might end up getting re-made again, depending on how well I can clean up the pictures.

On Saturday I made 2 soaps.  They are not ready to be un-molded and cut yet.  In a couple of days I will unmold, cut, and post a picture.

The first one I call “Jane”.  She is just plain old goat milk soap with some luxury ingredients such as shea butter, buckthorn extract and of course goat milk.


The second soap I call “Birthday Cake”.    It is made with soap scrap confetti bits, canola oil, safflower oil and shea butter.  I used “Lick Me All Over” fragrance oil from Natures Garden, so it smells like candy.



Then today, I made a few bath & body products.  I made magnesium oil, spray deodorant (eucalyptus spearmint), bath salts (sugar plum fairy), bath milk (oatmeal, milk & honey), herb encrusted bath melts, and solid deodorant (bay rum).

IMG_6190IMG_6182IMG_6146IMG_6164 2IMG_6210IMG_6231

I can’t say I am thrilled with the pictures.  They seem a little “washed out” or don’t have enough contrast, or over exposed or something.    I am not sure if the were an improvement over just my ugly countertop or not.  On the one hand, the pictures seem crisper, but they are so bland and washed out.  It seemed to interfere with some colors (for example the bath melts look a little green in the picture but actually are bright yellow).  The blue can be a moody color that changes tone when the light changes. It can go from an aqua blue to a bright blue, to a baby blue.  I don’t like that — it makes for inconsistent photos.

I hope I can get this worked out soon.  I don’t like making and remaking things just to get better pictures.  It seems like a waste of time and supplies and it doesn’t get me much closer to finishing my book.   My sister will gladly take the extra products off my hands, but my intention is not to overload her with products. 😉

Despite my complaining about my pictures, I did actually manage to have a fun time making these (and my house smells terrific) — so it’s not a total loss.


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