Cutting of “Birthday Party” Soap

 Of the two soaps I made this weekend, one of them was ready to cut today.  The other is a goat milk soap, so it will take longer to be ready for unmolding.   This one, however, slid right out of the mold with no issues today.

I posted yesterday about this soap and at the time, I wanted to call it “birthday cake”, but when I cut it, and as I was taking photos, it seemed more like a party, so I decided instead to call it “birthday party”.

I am thrilled with how this soap turned out.   It smells fruity and very much like candy, or even angel food cake.

The soap scrap confetti was a mixture of shavings from some scrap melt and pour soaps that I had previously made.   I wasn’t quite sure if they would survive the heat of saponification.  I was half expecting that the would melt and turn into blobs, but that would also have been nice.  Instead, they held up very well and I am pleased with the outcome.

Because I used canola and safflower oil instead of olive oil in this soap, it even turned out a very creamy white color.  I did use just a little tiny bit of titanium dioxide, but not very much as I was afraid it might get glycerine rivers.  So far, so good – no rivers!

My sister’s birthday is coming up in a couple of months.  Guess what she’s getting?


IMG_6298 copyIMG_6293 copy

IMG_6320 copy


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