A Goat Milk Soap Called “Jane”

I think my husband was a monk in a previous life.  He likes everything plain and simple.   The same holds true for his soap.   He likes plain, un-fancy, un-scented soap.   He will accept goat milk, even though it might be a little bit sinfully decadent.

Last week I made him a batch of plain-jane goat milk soap and this week it was finally ready to unmold and cut.

I didn’t take any pictures of the actual cutting because it is not a very exciting subject to watch as plain white soap gets cut.  There is no design to reveal, no secret beauty to unveil.

Goat Milk Soap

The secret to getting white goat milk soap is threefold:

  1.  Use non-discoloring oils.  For example, unrefined hemp oil would not be a good choice as it would turn the soap green.
  2. If using butters, use only white butters (no unrefined cocoa butter that would tinge it slightly orange or yellow).
  3. Use frozen goat milk ice cubes and slowly, slowly, slowly (over 20 minutes or so) add the lye to them, keeping the temperature under 70 degrees.


Once everything is all blended up and poured into the mold, then next secret is patience.   Goat milk soap made without a lot of coconut oil can take a longggggg… time to unmold.   This one took about 6 days.

Goat Milk SoapGoat Milk Soap


But is it worth all the trouble and the wait?  You bet!  After 6 weeks of curing this is such a wonderfully mild, creamy, bubbly, and nourishing soap.    It’s almost a sin to enjoy using it so much!  (*Shhh… don’t tell my husband that!*)


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