Brambleberry Fragrance Impressions

About a week ago, I placed an order with Brambleberry so that I could refill my stock of cocoa, shea, and mango butters.   Of course, when shopping at Brambleberry, I can never just stick to my list of items.  A few fragrances and other goodies usually “accidentally” fall into my shopping basket as well.

I have only tried fragrances from a few vendors, but whenever I do, I always come back to the Brambleberry fragrances.  I have mixed results with fragrances I have tried from other companies such as discoloration, seizing, overheating, ricing and so forth.   I have only had a couple of Brambleberry fragrances do that to me and it was probably my fault for getting a little to adventurous with my recipes and using floral fragrances at the same time.

I am probably crazy, but with other fragrances from the other companies, I can smell some sort of background “funk” in them.  Maybe not when they are fresh and new, but after a little time has passed, or after I make them into soap.  It must be some sort of musk or base note that they use that Brambleberry doesn’t.   Anyhow, most of the Brambleberry fragrances I have not had a hard time with.  There are a couple that have given me a headache, such as Green Fig and Fresh Snow, but for the most part, the others haven’t bothered me at all.

Well, back to my train of thought… this time I ordered a few new fragrances and thought I would share my impressions.


  • Free Sample – Fruity Fusion – Smells a lot like fruit loops.  Might make a fun bath bomb or kid soap.  It might be a good replacement for “Monkey Farts” types of fragrances.
  • Blueberry Jam – it does smell just like blueberry jam.  Spot on!   It is kind of sweet smelling, but it will make really nice lotion, soap, shampoo bars, conditioner, bath bombs or just about anything else.
  • Green Smoothie – i had actually gotten a free sample of this a while ago and used it to make bath bombs.  I enjoyed it so much that I kept the empty bottle around just so I could smell it once in a while and remember to order some.  It smells fruity and fresh and green.   Green smoothie is a good name for it!

But the big surprise was with Vanilla Vanilla Cybilla.  I was looking for a mellower vanilla fragrance than Vanilla Select.   I think Vanilla Select smells a bit like vanilla pipe tobacco.  I found it overpowering and couldn’t tolerate it, but I really want to make some vanilla scented products.   So I took a chance with the Vanilla Vanilla Cybilla.

I was expecting more of a vanilla extract or vanilla bean sort of scent.  Boy was I surprised when I sniffed it and was transported back through time to the mid 1990s when I used to wear Vanilla Fields perfume.  To me, it smells identical to Vanilla Fields!

Now that is a good and a bad thing.  The good thing is I quite enjoy time travel, and I used to really enjoy this fragrance. It brought back memories of younger days.     The bad thing is that I can’t tolerate musk and I think I smell white musk or something in it. The product description didn’t say anything about musk or I would have avoided it.  Vanilla Fields did have musk in it – my intolerance to musk didn’t start until several years ago.

It’s not that I don’t like the fragrance, I really do – it’s lovely!  But I am afraid it will get in my sinuses and cause a migraine.  Too bad because it would be so lovely in a product.  Maybe I will put it aside and come back to it one day when I can open some windows and let in some fresh air while working with it.  If not, then I know some crafty girls who would like a gift. 🙂

If you loved Vanilla Fields perfume, you will definitely love Vanilla, Vanilla Cybilla from Brambleberry!  It will discolor to a dark brown, but for a vanilla fragrance, that is to be expected.

If anyone has a suggestion for a good sweet vanilla bean type fragrance with no musk in it, I would love to hear about it.  My vanilla search continues.  I have dreams of  vanilla bath and body products if the perfect vanilla ever comes along.


5 thoughts on “Brambleberry Fragrance Impressions

  1. I haven’t used it in CP soap, but New Direction Aromatics makes a nice vanilla FO called Butter Cream Icing. It’s buttery vanilla.
    If you’re looking for a natural alternative, Leburmuth makes a certified 100% natural Vanilla FO (look under Fragrance & then the All Natural tab). I use it in both bath bombs & CP soap. It’s not very strong & you do have to heat it in a hot water bath & shake it prior to use-I think it’s natural vanillin crystals & fractionated coconut oil. It’s a not strong vanilla scent, but I use it with other EO’s & you can still smell the vanilla. It will turn everything dark brown.
    Vanilla 10 fold/Oleoresin is also good in CP soap, but it’s pricy & a little hard to work with, and there are a few supply companies that sell it. has a Vanilla Absolute Replacement (under EO Blends section), but I haven’t tried that one before. However, I’ve loved all their other EO blends that I’ve tried. Brambleberry sells a really nice Balsam Peru EO’s, but it’s more of a vanilla-tobacco scent. I use it in my men’s products. Benzion EO’s/resin also have a vanilla like scent, but it made a lot of my customers itchy, so no longer use it. Hope this helps! 🙂 Heather/Evelyn Rose Soaps


    1. It does help, quite a bit! Thanks for sharing your suggestions! I’ll go check them out! How did you get the benzoin to blend in? I bought some from Camden Grey and it is very hard. I heat the bottle in some hot water for 10 minutes and it loosens up, but as soon as I add it to my oils, it recoagulates and makes a mess of my lotion. I can’t figure out how to get it to melt in and stay melted. I would love to try to use it in small amounts because I absolutely love the scent of it. Of course, if it starts to cause skin issues, I will need to rethink that 😦

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      1. Glad to help! 🙂
        It’s been a loooong time since I used it so I can’t remember exactly what I did, but used to carry a pourable Benzoin, and that was the one I used. It blended in fine with my oils, but it did leave a weird residue on the shaft of my plastic stick blender that would never come off. I ended up just saving that one for any Benzoin based blends I did so I wouldn’t mess up any other blenders. Many of my customers have really sensitive skin so it could be just them. It didn’t bother my skin, but I didn’t want to use it since it bothered quite a large bit of them. It’s a know sensitizer, but that doesn’t mean it will bother every one. Benzoin does smell really awesome! 🙂


      2. Thanks! Camden Grey’s said it was pourable, but it is certainly not pourable — maybe after you heat it, but like I said then it just re-coagulates. I didn’t think about it causing a residue on your stick blender. I bet it does! I wonder if 99% rubbing alcohol would take it off. That is how I got it out of the shot glass I used when I tried to mix it in last time. Funny how people with super sensitive skin are the early adopters and repeat customers of handmade soap. How does that happen? (sarcasm) :).

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      3. Can’t remember if I tried that or not, but the motor on it eventually died, and I replaced all the plastic ones with metal shaft stick blenders. Like those so much better since I can use them with my liquid soap too. 🙂 Are the oils hot too? If they aren’t maybe try that to see if it helps to keep the benzoin fluid. If not, you might really like Leburmuth’s vanilla (the one I mentioned), & I just remembered that carries some of their EO’s & FO’s including that Vanilla blend. They list it under Essential Oils. Sensitive skin people are my bread and butter & they’re awesome to tell their friends and family too. Love the word of mouth recommendations! They make my day. 🙂


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