A Weekends’ Work – In pictures

With every weekend that passes, I get a few more things made, and another step closer to completing my next book.   It feels like it is taking forever (at a pace of a few things per weekend), but it is only because that next book is going to have so many recipes in it.


I think I am about 1/2 of the way done now, so I still have many more weekends of work fun ahead of me. Since I don’t have any vacation from my day job coming up until Memorial Day (June), I will have to just keep picking away with making a few things per week.

This weekend I had so much fun making beard conditioning butter, speckled bath bombs, solid perfumes, piped bath truffles, gel air freshener, and bronzing body butter. I always enjoy the process of making things, but having to concentrate on getting good pictures of the “how to” process is a little more work.  Regardless, it was still a lot of fun.  I don’t know about you, but I get so much satisfaction from creating practical things.   When they are both beautiful and practical, that is even more of a bonus!


The recipes and instructions for all these (and more) will be in my book — once I am done making all the recipes, getting good pictures of them,  and putting the finishing touches on the book content.   I estimate that will be around June or July this year (I might be a little bit ambitious with that estimate, as currently there are over 50 recipes and I keep coming up with more).


Beard Conditioning Butter

IMG_2126 web2Apr17BeardButter Collage



Bronzing Body Butter

IMG_2085 web2Apr17BodyButterCollage


Speckled Bath Bombs

IMG_2132 web2Apr17SpeckledBathBombsCollage

Gel Air Freshener

IMG_2155 web2Apr17GelAirFreshenerCollage

Solid Perfumes

IMG_2113 web2Apr17SolidPerfumeCollage

Piped Bath Truffles

IMG_2062 web2Apr17PipedTrufflesCollage


I hope you enjoyed this little pictorial recap of my weekend.  I hope your weekend was at least as much fun as this.   I wish you all a great week ahead!


3 thoughts on “A Weekends’ Work – In pictures

      1. Sounds lovely – I usually make a hash of the permanent ones (and never use gloves so my hands get stained too 😳) A wash off version would suit me just fine 😄

        Liked by 1 person

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