A few things closer to “done”

What a busy weekend!  I spent all day both Saturday and Sunday getting a few more things made.   I made clay bath bombs, butter bombs, liquid sugar scrub, solid sugar scrub cubes, antibacterial soap and dried forsythia flowers.

I did have one failure this weekend, however.  It was with some frosted bath melts.  I have made these many times before too, but for some reason this time they did not work out.  Oh well… there’s always next weekend.  For a good laugh, read on to see the picture.

First, here is what went well.

Sugar Scrub Cubes

I love these little things.  They are so quick and easy to make, and they leave your skin feeling so fresh and new!   This time I made (purple) blackberry sage, (yellow) fruity fusion, and (green) fresh green smoothie.


Liquid Sugar Scrub

Last time I made this, I made it a little too dry, so this time it is dripping wet with nourishing oils and shea butter.  I can’t wait to use it.    This time I made it with “energy” fragrance.


Clay Bath Bombs

These always turn out perfect for me.  This time was no different.  The addition of clay makes them rock hard, and adds all the benefits of clay to your bath.  This time I made them with “island coconut” fragrance.


Lemon Butter Bombs

Butter bombs are even easier to make than bath bombs (although they are a bit more expensive since they contain a lot of oil and butter).   These came out perfectly and smell so lovely with “sweet meyer lemon” fragrance.


Anti-Bacterial Soap

These little melt and pour soaps are great little “short time use” soaps that can be used whenever sickness is in the house.   Made with “Four Thieves” (since renamed to “Fighting Five”) (from Eden’s Garden), they offer help with defeating colds, viruses, and bacteria.


Dried Forsythia

My husband brought me a cookie sheet full of fresh forsythia flowers from our forsythia bush on Monday and I dried them out all week.  Now I have a bowl full of wonderful, dried forsythia.  I am going to infuse it into some sweet almond oil and use it for soap and cosmetics.  I might get another tray going so I can make some facial toner.

Forsythia flowers are anti-inflammatory and can be used to reduce pigmentation, rashes, acne and wrinkles.



And now for the grand prize….

Failed Frosted Brownie Bath Treats

I started with a vision of a hybrid bath fizzy / bath melt / bubble bar – chocolate brownie type base, topped with billowy pink strawberry scented piped frosting and a few scattered mini-chocolate-chips.  Well — that is what it looked like in my head.

Yesterday my frosting failed altogether.  It was just runny, gooey, and too thick to pipe (all at the same time if you can believe it).

So today, I tried again.  This time, I thought I had success, as they looked great when I piped them, but soon melted and drooped.  So I put a melt and pour soap ball on top and thought that would fix it.  Well, 10 minutes later, the frosting gave up the ghost.


Thinking I could somehow miraculously save them by drizzling some white melt and pour “glaze” on them, I did that.   It didn’t help a bit.   I didn’t even bother to take a good picture with my good camera — just a quick iPhone shot of them.

I dropped one on the floor and it broke, so I threw it in the sink and it produce a TON of bubbles.  Seriously, it filled my sink to the top with bubbles and I had to run cold water for like, 5 minutes, to get rid of it all.

They do smell wonderful and will work well enough (for me).  They are just ugly as can be.


Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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